Sonam Kapoor plans to do only two projects every year

Sonam Kapoor is back in action after becoming mom to her son, Vayu. Photo: Yash Raj Films

Sonam Kapoor, who returns to the movies after two years following her pregnancy, is clear that she wants to focus on doing two projects every year. Sonam has missed being on the sets and wants to be in front of the camera again, because it genuinely makes her happy.

She says, “I took two years off as I was pregnant and then wanted to take some time off with my son, Vayu. Two years are not done yet and I have signed on to two projects—one show and one film, on which I will start working. It will release in another year, because that is how films work. Then my idea is to do two pieces of content every year, that’s it, not more, because I want to spend time with my family as well.”

As for the kind of films she would like to do, the answer is “family entertainers”. Those, she tells you, are the kind of movies that make up her beautiful childhood memories, when she would watch them with her kin, Her biggest hits as solo heroine remain Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo and Neerja. She recently starred in the film, Blind.

Sonam has become a cultural ambassador to the West, given her status as a fashion icon. She has attended events for luxury fashion design houses across the world for years now as the only Indian to grace such iconic occasions and was recently invited to the British Prime Minister’s reception at 10, Downing Street to represent India and demonstrate its cultural impact globally.

Says the actress, “International brands are taking Indian actors as brand ambassadors. They are showcasing us more because they realize the power of Indian celebrities to understand how far-reaching they are, and how far-reaching they can be. It is interesting to see that now since the world is getting smaller because of social media and OTT etc., the recognition is coming easier.”



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