Siblings Transforming Used Notebooks into Instruments of Change

Persis and Ryan Garg – Photo Credit: Green Good Guardians
East Brunswick, NJ — Demonstrating an exceptional blend of creativity and dedication to environmental sustainability, Persis and Ryan Garg, accomplished athletes in track and wrestling respectively, have inaugurated the SecondVerse Notebooks initiative. Operating under their registered 501c3 non-profit organization, Green Good Guardians, this project, established in the summer of 2023, has rapidly emerged as a catalyst for both ecological responsibility and aiding underprivileged children in local communities.
SecondVerse Notebooks strategically places donation bins in educational institutions, libraries, and businesses to gather partially used notebooks from the community. These notebooks undergo a meticulous process of repurposing before being redistributed to fulfill the educational requirements of less fortunate children and families. The initiative not only exemplifies the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling but also serves as an educational platform to propagate sustainability awareness.
The genesis of SecondVerse occurred as Persis and Ryan were organizing their belongings for the academic year, revealing a surplus of underutilized notebooks. This surplus inspired the siblings to conceptualize a plan to repurpose these materials, leading to the creation of SecondVerse.
A pivotal moment for the initiative was the collaboration with Starbucks, which graciously agreed to host collection boxes, significantly elevating both visibility and contributions. Presently, Green Good Guardians oversees 30+ collection points situated in schools and various local businesses throughout New Jersey and Connecticut.
Beyond the commendable act of material repurposing, SecondVerse Notebooks has a tangible impact on the community. Teachers and organizations catering to disadvantaged children receive essential resources, emphasizing the initiative’s broader significance. The Garg siblings’ endeavor transcends mere material transformation; it issues a compelling call to the community to incorporate the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle into their daily lives.
For detailed information about this sustainable initiative and avenues for contribution, please visit [Green Good Guardians]( and stay connected on social media (


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