Samip Joshi running for Town Council in Edison

Indian American Samip Joshi running for Town Council in Edison, NJ

EDISON, NJ – Indian American Samip Joshi is running for Town Council in Edison, NJ, under the Democratic ticket and is encouraging millennials and others to be a part of the political process.

“I think it’s extremely important for everyone to be a part of the political process,” said Joshi who has been in it since he was 14-years-old.

“I was born and raised in Edison my entire life so I see that there is a cultural, generational and therefore an ideological gap within both Edison Township as well as in the United States. Edison township has such a diverse community, we have every demographic representative of every ethnic race, economical background and educational background and the problems that have rose in Edison are very well reflected in the greater United States as a whole and I believe that as someone who is the child of an immigrant, I would be able to work to bridge those types of differences,” he said, at a meet on Edison, on Monday, adding that he “can relate to various communities being form a different generation.”

He added: “In addition, having been born and raised in Edison my entire life I have seen the township change drastically and one of the things I would like to do is to represent our community much better.”

Joshi wants to build a community center as well as public library where he can “see people taking part and feel like they are part of the community” as “Edison is the fifth largest municipality in the state of New Jersey and it is the largest township in the state.”

Born and raised is Edison, Joshi is a proud product of the public school system, having graduated from J.P. Stevens High School and Rutgers University.

He has served on the town’s zoning board of adjustment and the townships’ fair rental housing authority along with working in police department as a dispatch and interning in the mayor’s administration, which have all allowed him to learn a lot about the township and if elected, would be the first Indian American to be born and raised in Edison and elected in the Edison township.

“I want to make an impact on society and I want to make sure that people feel like their voices are heard I want to see people believe that there is leadership that stands out for the people and not their own personal interests. I always believe that society can be a better place if the right leader is in place and I think that is necessary and I think that I would bring a voice to our community and Edison as a whole and I hope to carry that forward,” Joshi stated.



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