Keith Hahn running for Mayor in Edison

Keith Hahn running for Mayor in Edison, NJ

EDISON, NJ – Keith Hahn knows what’s wrong in Edison, NJ, and he knows how to fix it so he’s running for Mayor against Tom Lankey who is currently filling the position part-time.

“I have been a police officer in town for 23 years and after fighting with the administration and the current mayor to accomplish some things, they asked me to run on the republican side and after thinking about it for a while; my wife came to me and said that it’s time that you either stop complaining about everything or shut up and do something about it,” Hahn said, speaking at a meet in Edison on Monday, adding that he wants a community center for kids where “we can also hold festivals like Navratri, Diwali and Christmas so they don’t have to go to Raritan Center which is basically the back of a warehouse.”

“If you don’t have stuff for the kids to do and keep them out of trouble they’re going to find stuff for themselves to do and not be productive,” he added, mentioning that the schools are overcrowded and that a new one needs to be built.

“The town is building more houses, bigger houses, and they are not planning for that in the schools. The freshman class at J.P. Stevens High school this year has over 725 students and the school was build to hold under 2,000 students, so by the time they become seniors there will be over 3,000 students in the school,” Hahn stated, saying that this can be solved only if they get state aid since Edison is receiving very little and wants the superintendent and the mayor to work together for that as “we are the fifth largest town and have the fourth largest school district.”

Hahn also wants to provide a better senior center and update their facilities and although the Edison community is pretty safe and does not face a lot of violent crime, he still wants to install stationary and surveillance cameras in certain areas of town to stop crimes like robbery.



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