Sam Khan, entrepreneur, activist and politician, remembered by community

Sam Khan, community leader and activist of Pakistani heritage. PHOTO: Facebook @samkhanusa

New Jersey community leader, politician, and entrepreneur Sam Khan, who died a few days ago, posted a message on Facebook on Eid, which shows who he was and how he perceived the world. His recent death has seemingly left a void in the community evident from messages left online.

Khan, the chairman of the American Muslim Council, had this to say on Facebook April 21, 2023:

“Eid Mubarek!!!!

Today, Eid is being celebrated by 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. To those who observe this occasion, I wish you a happy Eid Mubarak. And for those who do not celebrate, I extend a message of peace and goodwill. As a community, let us work together to promote the values of compassion, understanding, and respect towards all people, regardless of our differences, faith race and culture. May this day be a reminder of our shared humanity and our collective commitment to building a world that is more inclusive, harmonious, and peaceful.

Eid Mubarak to Everyone!”

Khan was also founder and chair of the South Asian Community Outreach organization whose mission was to bring various communities who hailed from the Subcontinent, together. It was fitting that community members remembered Khan the same way, as is evident from the messages left on several accounts online.

Edison Mayor Sam Joshi, called Khan “a personality larger than life. “He was a well-respected leader who worked tirelessly to unite communities. I will remember him for his generosity and persistence. His legacy will continue to inspire us all,” Mayor Joshi is quoted saying in

The American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee commended Khan for his leadership in a Facebook post May 29, 2023, and described him as “a revered community leader and organizer,” as well as “an exceptional individual who dedicated his life to advocating for the betterment of our community,” and a man who was instrumental in bringing about positive change.

“His passion, dedication, and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on our community, and his absence will be deeply felt by all,” APPAC said, adding, “We remember him as a visionary leader who tirelessly worked to bridge divides, inspire unity, and uplift the marginalized. His unwavering commitment to social justice and equality has had a profound impact on countless lives.”

Funeral details for NJ leader Sam Khan. PHOTO: Facebook @MuslimFederationNJ

The Muslim Federation of New Jersey, mourned Khan’s death on Facebook, and gave the time and details for the funeral.

“Our Beloved Brother Abrar (Sam) Khan has passed away,

Inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji’oon.

May Allāh ﷻ have mercy on him, forgive his sins, grant him the highest level of Jannah, and grant his family saber-e-Jamil. Ameen.”

The news outlet, detailed Khan’s legacy noting that he led “A life committed to Unity” and was a “Champion of Interfaith Dialogue.” It dwells on Khan’s commitment to cultural diversity, engagement in politics and public policy, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration.

The MFNJ announced the details of the funeral which were scheduled to be held at Masjid Al-Wali in Edison, and of the burial at Morganville, NJ.

Khan’s Linkedin profile shows he was President of the Mak Group of Companies since 2010. He also had a number of related businesses, including owner of Mak Contractor Services since Jan. 2020; President of A & M Contractor; CEO of A& M Plumbing and Heating LLC.

Khan was a 1998-2000 graduate in Business Administration and Marketing from New York Institute of Technology. He was also a volunteer at the Asian Society of Engineers, Architects and Contractors, according to the Linkedin profile.


In loving memory of Abrar (Sam) Khan
Abrar (Sam) Khan, born on March 3rd, 1965, in Hyderabad, Pakistan, was a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark on the lives of many. He was the beloved son of Mohammed Khalid Khan and Shahjahan Begum. With an MBA from NYIT, Abrar excelled as an activist, entrepreneur, and cherished roles as a husband, father, uncle, and brother, extending his love and care to people of all races, beliefs, and creeds.

Throughout his life, Abrar dedicated himself to the noble cause of fostering unity and harmony among diverse communities. His tireless efforts were evident in organizing awe-inspiring interfaith dinners and leading various community initiatives that propelled us all forward.
A compassionate soul, Abrar worked diligently to empower marginalized groups and encourage local and international civic engagement. His commitment to the welfare of those in need was unwavering, as he provided toys, supplies, and unwavering support. His impactful work included founding several groups, such as SACO, known for its grand interfaith events, and AMC, which fought against Islamophobia. These initiatives elevated not only the Pakistani community but uplifted all our brothers and sisters in humanity, propelling them to new heights in business, politics, and talent development. One of his crowning achievements was his instrumental role in nominating the first female Pakistani Muslim Judge to Edison’s municipal court.

Even in the twilight of his life, Abrar continued to exemplify unwavering dedication to humanity. He completed the sacred Hajj pilgrimage and traveled directly to Pakistan, where he met former Prime Minister Imran Khan. His selflessness extended further as he distributed hundreds of iftar meals to the underprivileged in Lahore.

Abrar (Sam) Khan’s boundless love, selflessness, and unwavering commitment to fostering unity will forever be etched in our hearts. His legacy will continue to inspire us all to strive for a more inclusive and compassionate world. He leaves behind a void that can never be filled and will be dearly missed by all those whose lives he touched. May his soul rest in eternal peace and that Allah grant him Jannat ul Firdaus.




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