Rohit Verma inaugurates 2019 collection in New Jersey

Albert Jasani honors Rohit Verma with a memento on behalf of Jhoom Events along with Tarang Soni and Shobhana Patel

Jalwa 2018, Indian American designer Rohit Verma’s fashion show, took place on July 20 at Royal Albert’s Palace, in Edison, New Jersey.

At the show, local businesswoman Shobhana Patel, along with some models, displayed Verma’s contemporary collections for 2019 called “Shadow of Emotions”.

Performers at the show included Preeti Sethi, Rupali Venugopal, Rahul Sharma and Sanan Ahmed of Meri Aawaz Suno America along with Rohit Baxi and team from Satrangi Fusion of Dance Group.

Both the main ramp walk and the kids’ ramp walk were choreographed by Tarang Soni.

The show also featured lavish décor and a diverse cuisine.

Businessman Albert Jasani honored Verma with a memento on behalf of Jhoom Events and Royal Albert’s Palace.



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