Ritesh Shah Charitable Pharmacy, Union County, partner for healthcare

Board members of RSCP and Union County Commissioners and Department of Health officials at the ribbon cutting ceremony. PHOTO: RSCP photographer

The Ritesh Shah Charitable Pharmacy (rscprx.org) announced a strategic partnership with Union County, New Jersey to improve healthcare access for uninsured and underserved residents December 9, 2023.

“This memorandum of agreement represents a pivotal moment in our commitment to reducing healthcare inequalities within the community,” a press release said.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place earlier on November 21,  at the Union County Health Department which was attended by RSCP Board Members and the County Officials.

The County of Union is launching a new pharmacy program at the Union County Immunization Center in Elizabeth, focusing on providing medication for chronic conditions. The program will operate on weekdays, collecting and distributing prescriptions to participants, who are required to obtain their prescriptions from a designated medical center.

Ritesh Shah Charitable Pharmacy will fill prescriptions at no cost, offering remote pharmacist consultations for guidance and support. Additionally, RSCP will host educational events to empower patients with health-related knowledge.

Ritesh Shah, a renowned pharmacist and CEO of the Legacy Pharmacy Group, who was inspired by the memory of his sister Rena, established RSCP in 2020. When Rena passed away due to health complications, COVID became the driving force behind the creation of New Jersey’s first charitable pharmacy, transformin Ritesh Shah’s grief into a lasting tribute to his sister. The initiative is supported by Ritesh Shah’s wife, Asha,

“Honoring the memory of Rena is always at the forefront of this undertaking. This partnership with Union County is a significant step in our commitment to make healthcare accessible to all,” Ritesh Shah said.

Personal funds, community donations, and support from pharmaceutical companies, such as Eli Lilly, have played a pivotal role in sustaining this initiative.

Union County, in north New Jersey, houses a diverse, prosperous community of nearly 600,000 residents. “This strategic partnership with Union County reflects our shared commitment to bridging the healthcare gap and ensuring that vital healthcare services are accessible to all,” the press release said.

The Ritesh Shah Charitable Pharmacy is located at 224 Shrewsbury Ave, Red Bank NJ 07701. They are open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 4pm, and Friday from 10am to 3pm.



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