Rajiv Malhotra’s Book ‘Snakes In Ganga’ released in New Jersey


The Infinity Foundation and Federation of Indian Associations of NJNYCT, jointly hosted release of the book ‘Snakes In Ganga: Breaking India 2.0’ by author and social activist Rajiv Malhotra.

The event took place recently at the Akbar Restaurant in New Jersey, and was attended by many noted members of the Indian community in the tristate area, including the FIA Chairman Ankur Vaidya, Anil Bansal, Chairman of Bansal Charitable Foundation, and Director Seema M. Singh of Singh Law LLC. The event was covered by ITV Gold/Parikh Worldwide Media.

Author Rajiv Malhotra tweets Dec. 5, 202,2 about the ITV Gold coverage of his book release Snakes In The Ganga. Photo Twitter ,@RajivMessage.

Malhotra said the title of his book ‘Snakes In Ganga’ is meant to convey the feeling of danger where you least expect it. “This book uncovers what are some hidden dangers to the Hindu civilization in this country and in India,” Malhotra said. He said he had written a book earlier named ‘Breaking India’ which created a big impact, changing the psychology of Indian people in terms of looking for foreign nexuses trying to create mischief in India.

Malhotra said now the mischief has reached a new level. “Now they are attacking our culture and a lot of that has entered India, it has entered industry, it has entered the academia, media and government also,” Malhotra said. He said his new book is exposing a huge set of problems of that kind. “We are discovering where are the snakes coming from? Who are these snakes, who is feeding the snakes, where is the nest of snakes, what harm they are doing. That is what this book is about,” Malhotra said.

Malhotra has published papers and has written nine books till date. The Infinity Foundation, a non-profit organization established 13 years ago by him carries out index studies.

Speaking to ITV Gold, Malhotra said he had a change of heart after seeing much success as an entrepreneur. He said at that time he wanted to work not for profit, to give back to the society, instead of making money for himself.

His Foundation began with his own seed money of $1 million. In the past 13 years, the Infinity Foundation has been focusing on Indian culture, Indian civilization, Indian philosophy, Indian heritage, Indian spirituality, family values, and more.

Malhotra said the Infinity Foundation did not receive any financial help from the established Indian cultural and community agencies and efforts to work with academic institutions such as Harvard University, Columbia University and Princeton University was disappointing. He then began hiring research assistants and carrying out his own research.

“Now we have a staff of 10 people in India, 3 full time people in the U.S. and about 20 part time workers around the world,” Malhotra said.

“On our YouTube channel, we have about half a million subscribers, and on Facebook we have 6.8 million viewers,” he said.

Malhotra has published 9 books till now, each of them a best seller, he said. “You see gurus talking (about) it. You see the Indian government talking about it. You see RSS and BJP talking about it. You see all the civic organizations taking these ideas further,” he said.



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