Radhi Kakarla of Hatch Motherhood among ‘Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge’ semifinalists

Radhi Kakarla (Courtesy: Mainline OB/GYN)

Indian American Radhi Kakarla, founder and chief executive and medical director of Hatch Motherhood, has been named among Philadelphia Magazine’s 10 semifinalists for its Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge.

Kakarla claims that there is a lack of support for woman when it comes to motherhood and the U.S. is behind most developed countries in regards to maternity and postpartum services.

Thus she founded Hatch Motherhood, which is a facility providing education, services, and support for women on their motherhood journey

As an OB/GYN, Kakarla has worked with women before, during, and after their pregnancies, and she had noticed that the majority of her patients had the same questions and concerns surrounding appropriate fitness routines, nutritional guidelines and emotional resiliency program recommendations for their pregnancies.

“I have seen that healthy, educated, empowered moms equals empowered families, and it is my mission to ensure women feel knowledgeable and supported about the decisions they are making throughout their pregnancy and as a result of my experience and my passion to help empower every woman to have her happiest and healthiest pregnancy possible, I founded HATCH,” she said.

Hatch Motherhood is a membership-based fitness and wellness maternal community center which looks out for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of pre-natal and postnatal women.

Kakarla has a B.A. from Louisiana State University along with a medical degree from the LSU School of Medicine.



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