Indian American candidate in Florida offers to pay back campaign

Amol Jethwani (Courtesy: Facebook)

Amol Jethwani, an Indian American student at the University of Florida, is willing to pay back his campaign for the purchases he made as he was unsuccessful to win the Democratic nomination in the race for the state House seat in the 21st Legislative District.

Jethwani fell by 16 points to Jason Haeseler in the August 28 primary and was said to have used some campaign funds, including donations, to pay for questionable items such as four haircuts in five months, 45 Lyft charges, visits to two cigar bars, Chipotle meals and more, said reports.

The political science senior, started his campaign in January and had charged such expenditures to his campaign during the race, which some of his staff felt was unreasonable.

Jethwani has accepted his mistakes saying in a written statement that his frequent expenditures were due to “an unprecedented level of transparency,” and will pay back the money.

Jethwani has resigned from his role as the UF College Democrats president, not wanting the organization to be affected by his actions.

Any complaints filed against Jethwani will be investigated by the Florida Election Commission.



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