Open to more shows on TV: Nora Fatehi

Mumbai: Moroccan Canadian dancer and actress Nora Fatehi during a photo shoot Jan 27, 2016. (Photo: IANS)

Model-actress Nora Fatehi says she doesn’t like to limiting herself in terms of the medium she works in, and so she is open to doing television if the content is good.

The Moroccan-Canadian actress made her Bollywood debut with the film “Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans” but gained recognition through her stint in the reality show “Bigg Boss 9”.

Asked if she would like to do TV again, Nora told IANS here: “Yeah. I don’t limit myself as long as the content is good. Of course, if a show comes and the content is great, I would never say not to acting on TV. All the big actors are now on TV and all the big actors have come from TV. It’s a great platform.”

After her stint in “Bigg Boss”, she was seen in a special appearance for the song “Rock The Party” in the 2015 film “Rocky Handsome”. Nora will next be seen in a thriller along with actor Sanjay Suri. Talking about it, she said: “There’s a difference in the thriller we are doing. It’s a very engaging film, but definitely something India hasn’t watched before.”