Ohio State Rep. Niraj Antani reaches major milestone in race for State Senate

Ohio State Representative Niraj Antani, Republican representing the 42nd District. (Photo: ohiohouse.gov)

Ohio State Rep. Niraj Antani, a “Conservative Republican” as he describes himself, achieved a major milestone in his run for the State Senate.

His campaign in Senate District 6, has knocked on 60,000 doors as of Nov. 25, 2019, Antani announced in an email blast. He is the only Indian-American and when elected in 2014, was the youngest legislator in the State House. He is serving his third term. This Jan. 30, 2019, Antani announced his Senate run to replace Republican Sen. Peggy Lehner who is term limited. are restricted to two four-year terms. Lehner won her seat in 2016 with more than 68 percent of the vote against her Democratic rival Albert Griggs.

If elected, Antani would be the first Indian-American in the upper house in Ohio.

Working with 25 interns diligently knocking on doors and reaching out to constituents, “Everything in the campaign is going well,” Antani told Desi Talk. Senate District 6, Antani noted, “does not actually have many Indian-Americans,” other than in one city. District 6 covers most of Montgomery County’s suburbs, as well as some parts of the city of  Dayton, Ohio.

“As we begin this week of Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for my team as we knocked on our 60,000th door today!” Antani said in an email.

In Ohio State Rep. Niraj Antani’s campaign for State Senator from District 6, one of the 25 interns, Griffin, holds up a sign declaring he had knocked on the 60,000th door. (Photo: courtesy Niraj Antani)

“Thanks to your support, we have been able to put together an unparalleled grassroots campaign, with a full time campaign manager and over 25 summer and fall interns, while using national firms to create the world-class literature we give to voters at doors and for our 21st Century door to door data and mobile application,” Antani said.

“This has allowed us to knock on the 60,000 doors so far, which has let us talk to over 11,000 voters at their door,” he added in his email announcement.

According to 2010 Census data quoted by Ballotpedia, there were a total of 336,772 residents in Ohio’s State Senate District 6.

Antani was 23 years old when he was first elected from District 42, Miamisburg, to the Ohio House.

So far, Antani does not have a Republican opponent for the party primary scheduled March 17, 2020. But there is a possibility there will be others jumping into the race by the filing deadline Dec. 18. 2019.



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