NRS Pay FeeBU$TER: No more high price for credit card acceptance

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Businesses are struggling due to the pandemic, supply chain challenges and decreased foot traffic. Credit card issuers are raising payment acceptance transaction rates, making it even more difficult for businesses to thrive. Merchants are concerned that their sales volume will not cover their expenses. Fortunately, National Retail Solutions’ payment acceptance service, NRS Pay, can help merchants avoid credit card processing fees and get back on their feet.

It is common for customers to get miles, points and rewards for using credit cards, but unfortunately, store owners pay the price. Small business owners can strongly benefit from NRS Pay’s FeeBU$TER program which allows store owners to accept credit card payments without having to pay any processing fees. The program passes along the transaction fee to the customer as a surcharge service fee.

Elie Y. Katz

Elie Y. Katz, president and CEO of NRS, says, “Our commitment is what small business owners want and need. Credit card companies take advantage of retailers – and what they do isn’t right. NRS serves as a great example for the industry on how companies should conduct business. Customers want a company who they can trust and will help bring them to the top. That is what NRS does.”

NRS Pay is delivering a fantastic bargain by offering its FeeBU$TER plan with a FREE credit card reader, ZERO hidden fees, NO long-term commitment, and NO early termination fee. NRS Pay makes accepting credit card payments painless and cost-effective.

The standard monthly fee for NRS Pay FeeBU$TER is just one flat amount of $49.95. But businesses processing more than $18,000 per month are exempt from paying a monthly fee, and the plan is 100% free! NRS Pay’s other plan, Clean Rate, costs just 2.49% + 10¢ per transaction, with a $10 monthly account fee. Whichever plan a retailer chooses, they won’t be hit with any surprises or hidden uncomfortable penalties.

NRS PAY’s credit card processing is a game-changer. “NRS PAY is changing the way we do business – someone has to!” says Mariano Rivera, a Hall of Famer and former Yankees major league baseball player. As a spokesperson for NRS Pay, Mariano has actively advocated for honesty in the industry. NRS Pay is committed to honesty and provides a simple and easy payment acceptance platform for merchants looking for a solution that won’t cost them a fortune in transaction fees or penalties.



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