NJ Youth Democratic organization launches South Asian chapter

NJ Young Democrats kick-off meeting for the South Asians chapter of the organization Oct. 27, 2020. Photo: Twitter

New Jersey Young Democrats (NJYD) recently announced the creation and of the NJYD South Asian Caucus which it says aims to not only uplift young South Asian leaders but also, bring awareness to and address issues that affect the South Asian community.

NJYD South Asian Caucus hosted a virtual kickoff event and night of action on Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020 featuring Democratic Nominee State Senate from District 25, Rupande Mehta, whose result is yet to be declared, as special guest.

“I am excited to witness the work of our newly-founded South Asian Caucus and leadership from our co-chairs,” NJYD President Fatima Heyward is quoted saying in a press release from NJYD,

According to the release, the political organization’s executive board elected founding members Hira Shaikh, a public affairs practitioner in political and corporate campaigns, with Kivvit and Intashan Chowdhury, borough administrator for the Borough of Prospect Park, NJ, under the leadership of Mayor Mohamed Khairullah to serve as the NJYD South Asian Caucus co-chairs.

“Starting this caucus is incredibly important for young South Asians across New Jersey who will now have another avenue to become more politically involved as our community grows in the state,” Co-Chair Hira Shaikh said. “A hallmark of the South Asian community is our interconnected and welcoming nature, and that is exactly the type of environment we want to cultivate through the South Asian Caucus of NJYD,” Shaikh added.

Rupande Mehta emphasized the importance of representation and said she was  excited to work with NJYD South Asian Caucus.

“Across the country, everyone is trying to elect firsts. New Jersey is the state with the third-highest South Asian population in this country. Yet, if elected this November, I will become the first South Asian woman elected to the New Jersey legislature ever. Our young South Asian community is the fastest-growing population in the state of New Jersey. It’s 2020, it’s about time we elect people that represent us,” Mehta said. Her result is expected within days.




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