NJ State Senator Raj Mukherji endorses McGreevey for Jersey City Mayor

Indian American New Jersey State Senator Raj Mukherji with Jim McGreevey, after endorsing former Gov. Jim McGreevey for Jersey City mayor at an event took place at Curry Restaurant on Newark Ave  March 23, 2024. PHOTOS: Mohammed Jaffer-Snapsindia

New Jersey State Senator Raj Mukherji, one of two Indian American senators in the state’s upper house, endorsed Jim McGreevey’s run for Mayor of Jersey City. McGreevey has served as a New Jersey State Assemblyman, Senator, and Mayor of Woodbridge, and Governor of New Jersey from 2002-2004. Mukherji’s endorsement is yet another strong backing in view of the Indian American lawmaker’s experience in the region.

“At this moment in Jersey City’s history, there is no one better equipped, better qualified, better suited to lead this city than Jim McGreevey. For that reason, with all of your support, I’m endorsing Jim McGreevey to be the next mayor,” Mukherji is quoted saying by local news media including Hudsonccountryview.com. The meeting to endorse McGreevey took place at Curry restaurant in Jersey City. March 23, 2024. Many Indian Americans attended the event and spoke in support of McGreevey, going by the video posted by McGreevey on his X, formerly Twitter account.

“Thanks for believing in a brighter Jersey City Together, we’ll tackle property taxes, enhance affordability, ensure safe streets, improve schools, and boost public safety. Our best days lie ahead. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!,” McGreevey said on X, posting the video of the event.

A section of the audience at the Curry Restaurant in Jersey City March 23, 2024, at an event to support Jim McGreevey for Mayor of Jersey City. PHOTO: Mohammed Jaffer-Snapsindia

McGreevey has been endorsed for the Nov. 4, 2024 elections by nine mayors belonging to the Hudson County Democratic Organization, as well as by County Executive Craig Guy, according to the report.

Mukherji is also quoted saying that McGreevey had “unrivaled experience.” His service across the state, “will help to keep streets clean, taxes stable, and funding coming into the city from all possible avenues, Mukherji said.

The 39 year old Mukherji, who is a Marine Corps Reserve Sergeant since 2008, was elected to the New Jersey General Assembly in 2014 and served there till 2023, when he was elected to the State Senate where he began serving this year. While in the State Assembly, Mukherji served as Deputy Speaker, and as Majority Whip.

A graduate of Thomas Edison State University, with a Masters from University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Seton Hall University School of Law, Mukherji is a popular political leader. He served in Jersey City in different capacities over the years, before being elected to the State Assembly. According to his profile on the website of the State Senate, Mukherji has been the chairman and commissioner of the Jersey City Housing Authority since 2008, and was the Deputy Mayor of that city from 2012-2013. He was a Borough of Carteret prosecutor from 2016-2019.



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