Indian Overseas Congress USA launches campaign for Lok Sabha 2024 elections  

Indian Overseas Congress USA holds press conference March 22, 2024. PHOTO: IOC-USA

The Indian Overseas Congress USA (IOC USA) launched its official campaign for the Lok Sabha 2024 elections, March 22, 2024, declaring this election as the “mother of all Lok Sabha elections.”

The IOC-USA said it had a “fervent commitment to uphold the core values of freedom, fairness, secularism, and democracy, the IOC USA stands firm in its resolve to ensure that India remains a land where every  citizen is treated equally, regardless of religion, caste, language, or region.” 

Calling the stakes high in this election, IOC-USA said democracy was facing unprecedented challenges, where a 3rd term for the current administration could threaten that democracy, and lead to autocracy.

Youth unemployment, the IOC-USA said, was “alarming” in India and the high demand for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in rural India, “the urgency for change has never been more palpable,” and combining that with the Covid pandemic’s economic effects, there was an urgent need for changing the leadership.

It also criticized what it described as a “pay to play” system operating, and intimidation of opposition.

“In this critical juncture, the Congress Party, under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, emerges as a beacon of hope and the true alternative,” the IOC-USA maintained. “With a steadfast commitment to addressing the pressing issues plaguing our nation, the Congress Party pledges to effectuate real change and fulfill the promise of a true democratic India for all,” the organization said.



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