New President of AAPI, Dr. Anjana Samadder, promises commitment and dedication

Above and below: Outgoing President of AAPI Dr. Ravi Kolli, handing over the pen to incoming President Dr. Anjana Samadder, at the physicians’ Convention held in Philadelphia, PA, July 6-9, 2023. PHOTO: AAPI

Dr. Anjana Samadder, a gastroenterologist in Columbus, Ohio, took over as the new president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, AAPI, at the 41st Annual Convention held in Philadelphia, PA, July 6-9, 2023.

Dr. Anjana Samadder, new president of AAPI, speaking about her vision and mission, at the 41st Annual
Convention held in Philadelphia, PA, July 6-9, 2023. PHOTO: AAPI

Dr. Samadder is affiliated with Mount Carmel West and Mount Carmel East hospital systems in Ohio, and is a winner of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Excellence Award.

“I bring a wealth of experience, a visionary perspective, and a deep commitment to serving our community,” Dr. Sammader said, adding, “The opportunity to make a significant impact and contribute to positive change on a larger scale is what motivates me to embrace a leadership role within AAPI.”

Her vision for the organization was to improve access to healthcare, promote diversity and inclusion, and amplify the collective voice of the community. “Members will always find me by their side. We will collectively always be available to our members’ needs and wellbeing,” she said.

Reflecting on her upbringing, Dr. Samadder said she had always stood up against injustice, and her father had always brought his children to do that, and taught them “women were stronger and better multitaskers, and they are capable of achieving greater heights.”

My family has been a pillar of support, nurturing my dreams and encouraging me every step of the way,” she said, adding that her philanthropic work in India and US, had shown her the resilience of those facing challenges.

Over the years, Dr. Samadder has held various positions in AAPI – as local chapter President (Central Ohio), Regional Director (Ohio and Michigan) and as AAPI National Treasurer. She has also served diligently in different capacities within AAPI including being National Coordinator for AAPI Annual Convention, 2018 in Columbus. She served as the Chair, AAPI Women’s Forum and organized the first successful conference in Tampa, Florida earlier this year.

“My journey with AAPI in the past 20 years taught me lots of lessons, skills and molded me to take more responsibility in the organization,” Dr. Samadder said, adding she would work to “help build an ethically strong, morally straight and fiscally responsible organization,” adding, “It is also vitally important to bring much needed diversity to keep AAPI thriving.”

Hospitalized with Covid for 65 days and describing it as a ‘near death’ experience, Dr. Samadder shared her thoughts.

“They said you were not supposed to live,” said Dr. Samadder. “If you have a will, I’m telling you, you can make it. There’s always hope. Never give up. It’s just an ‘I will’ do it kind of a thing,” she said.

Calling it a ‘near-death experience, Dr. Samadder said, “My ordeal with covid -19 was hard, but it also made me strong, resilient and tenacious. My “Never give Up ” attitude kept me going, and now I am ready to hit the ground and work my heart out for our AAPI organization,” she said.

“Life does not give anyone a second chance, but I did get one after contracting Covid-19 and Cardiac Arrest. This has given me a lot of strength to stand up against all odds,” she said.

She said she is determined to “unify and keep AAPI united through effective communication, fostering collaboration, and actively engaging with our members at all levels. I will strongly stand up against any act that will fragment our organization.”

Amidst loud cheers from the audience, Dr. Samadder promised to “carry on the existing good work that has been started by our prior AAPI leaders.”

“In addition, I would like to address health care practice issues facing our members both in private practice and in academia. We are working out several other academic, social, and community programs which will help our organization grow. I want to get AAPI represented in US National Health Care Committee by organizing strong lobbying efforts. I will also address physician burnout and establish networking platform for young physicians. I will be open to suggestions from members in order to make our organization one of the strongest ethnic organizations in USA.”

“My life’s mission is to bring about lasting changes and enhance the well-being of individuals and communities. My goals are to stand up for all my beloved AAPI colleagues and to work for a place for AAPI in the National Health Care Committee,” Dr. Samadder said.



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