AAPI announces partnership with CLIRNET for Mentorship at 17th Global Healthcare Summit

President of AAPI, Dr. Anjana Samadder, at the 17th Annual Global Healthcare Summit being held in India Jan. 1-7, 2024. PHOTO: Courtesy AAPI

In a bid to expand its collaboration and its health initiatives, the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), announced Jan. 2, 2024, its partnership with CLIRNET, India’s leading digital healthcare platform with the objective of running a Mentorship & Observership program jointly.

Founded in 1982, AAPI (aapiusa.org) represents more than 80,000 practicing physicians in the United States, and serves as the platform for more than 40,000 medical students, residents and fellows of Indian origin.

While announcing the new initiative at the 17th Global Healthcare Summit, Dr. Anjana Samadder, president of AAPI, emphasized the imperative for healthcare professionals to stay at the forefront of innovation. She also highlighted that the collaboration between AAPI and CLIRNET marks a significant milestone in advancing clinical training in India, a press release from AAPI said.

Saurav Kasera, co-founder of CLIRNET, speaking at the 17th Annual Global Healthcare Summit being held in India, Jan. 1-7, 2024. PHOTO: AAPI

Saurav Kasera, co-founder of CLIRNET said, “We’re excited to partner with AAPI in this groundbreaking venture. This collaboration is more than just sharing knowledge; it’s about forging a future where Indian healthcare professionals are equipped with global expertise, ultimately elevating patient care and medical standards in India.”

The 17th annual GHS themed ‘Cutting Edge in Healthcare & Artificial Intelligence,’ is being held in collaboration with the Global Association of Indian Medical Students and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi from January 1-7, 2024, in New Delhi and Manipal, India.

The GHS began here at AAIS with an eloquent address by Dr. Anupam Sibel, GHS Chair – New Delhi, who spoke on India becoming ‘Vishavaguru’ or global leader, in almost all areas of international standing, including in healthcare, technology, finance and scientific research.

The scientific sessions moderated and presented by renowned physicians of Indian origin are being attended by Fellows, Residents and Medical students at AIIMS, and the dozens of delegates from the United States.

The Mentorship & Observership Model aims to provide valuable inputs and expertise from AAPI medical experts in USA to young and emerging healthcare professionals in India.

The program will also offer doctors in India the opportunity to apply for observerships with AAPI physicians in the US across various medical specialties.

As per the agreement, experienced AAPI physicians will facilitate interactive sessions, webinars, and forums, encouraging collaborative learning and the exchange of clinical knowledge. AAPI is committed to training approximately 200,000 physicians in the coming year, focusing on general medicine and various specialties addressing evolving healthcare needs, the press release said.

The intent of the initiative is to involve 60% of AAPI practitioners in training programs to contribute their expertise to shape the next generation of healthcare professionals.

The Mentorship & Observership Model represents a paradigm shift in clinical education and global collaboration, AAPI said. This initiative is poised to significantly contribute to the professional growth of healthcare practitioners across India including the remotest of places, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation in the healthcare sector.

CLIRNET is a user-generated content platform for doctors. The platform activities are led by eminent institutions and physicians, spanning a multitude of specialties, the press release said.

Physicians of Indian Origin in the United States are reputed to be leading health care providers, holding crucial positions in various hospitals and health care facilities around the nation and the world.



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