New Jersey student fighting for his life in hospital

Vinamra Sharma, a senior at New Jersey Institute of Technology suffered a life-changing accident November 12, 2022, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Photo: GoFundMe for Vinamra Sharma

An Indian student suffered traumatic injuries from an accident on his way home from campus in New Jersey November 12, 2022. The cause of the life-changing injuries is not on the GoFundMe page, however, other reports say Sharma had a car accident.

Vinamra Sharma was “knocked unconscious” as he made his way home and rushed to Rutgers University Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), several fractured ribs and neck vertebrae.

Sharma is a senior at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

Within 10 days of his Nov. 12 accident, he has undergone four brain surgeries and is in the Intensive Care Unit, hooked up to IVs and life support systems, according to a Go Fund Me site created November 25, by his friend Abhishek Sharma and 6 others including cousins, (

Meanwhile, Sharma’s parents are  waiting in India for their U.S. visa to be approved for travel to be with their son as of Nov. 27.

The Go Fund Me drive has by Dec. 2, 2022, raised $162, 227, more than its original goal of $150,000.

“We hope and pray that Vinamra will be out of the woods soon and begin his long road to recovery,” his friends said on GoFundMe. Describing the medical team at Rutgers University as “phenomenal” and praising it for treating Sharma and monitoring his progress around the clock, organizers noted, that current efforts are focused on keeping the young Indian student alive. “If he makes it, the focus of his treatment can shift to addressing the cognitive and physical mobility challenges,” organizers said.

The crowdfunding is to help the Sharma family pay for all the expenses incurred after the accident. The expenses include medical bills not covered by his student insurance and post-operative care.

His current in-hospital expenses (partially covered by his insurance) include doctor, surgeon and specialist consultations, ICU services, medical exams and miscellaneous hospital fees.

Once Sharma begins his recovery, “we anticipate more expenses for safe and reliable medical transport back to India when feasible, traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehab, and possible extensive care needs,” friends said.

Calling $150,000 dollars “a big ask,” the fundraisers said they would appreciate any support to help their friend turn the corner, including spreading the word.

Raised funds will be transferred directly to the student’s family.

On Nov. 26, Abhishek Sharma updated the Go Fund Me site, noting that, “Vinamra is still in the Neruology ICU, his vitals are stable today. Vinamra is now off the ventilation tube but is still getting ventilator support. He still has brain edema (brain swelling) from the multiple surgeries he has undergone in the last week. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you!”

“His caring nature is evident from the friends that have shown up to fill the void of love and care until his parents arrive,” organizers said. “They talk about his infectious energy, laugh, and how ‘Vinamra will always have your back in a tough situation’,” organizers quoted friends saying.

“Vinamra, you’ve got this. We will be with you every step of the way,” the friends and cousins who started the fundraiser said.

The Go Fund Me page dedicated to Sharma’s recovery will be updated as he recovers.

(Last updated on Dec. 2, 2022, to show amount collected on GoFundMe)



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