Dr. Ravi Parikh of New York receives ‘Visionary’ ophthalmologist award

Ravi Parikh MD MPH, Manhattan Retina and Eye Faculty, New York University School of Medicine. Photo: Anne Rayner, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Dr. Ravi Parikh was awarded the Spring 2022 Visionary Award from Real World Ophthalmology, RWO, an award bestowed “to a young ophthalmologist whose work demonstrates qualities of exceptional foresight, creativity, advocacy, and vision,” the company said.

Dr. Parikh was also recently named Director of Healthcare Delivery Research (Dept of Ophthalmology) New York University Grossman School of Medicine/NYU Langone Health.

For the RWO Visionary Award, Dr. Parikh, who is with Manhattan Retina & Eye, was sponsored by Aerie Pharmaceuticals.

For his new appointment, he has been credited with work done as a practicing retina specialist and Chairman at Manhattan Retina and Eye and for leading and publishing studies on how to better deliver healthcare to prevent and treat blindness.

Dr. Parikh is recognized for his work as part of the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Health Policy Committee and American Society for Retina Specialists Federal affairs committee where he has been advocating and helping shape policy to better deliver eye care.

For this work and continued mentorship/leadership, he was  named Director of the Department of Ophthalmology Healthcare Delivery Research at Grossman, to help further improve healthcare delivery and mentor students and doctors in training.

At the same time, he continued his clinical work as Chairman of Manhattan Retina and Eye.



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