Multinational events company announces plans to expand Pakistan-U.S. business collaboration

Huma Nasr, CEO of SEPMA, speaking to ITV Gold/Parikh Worldwide Media at the Jan. 22, 2023, press conference. Photo: ITV Gold

Shaan-E-Pakistan Management of America- SEPMA- Pakistan’s first multinational events company, which aims at expanding cultural exchange between Pakistan and the United States through art, music, food, and fashion, held a press conference Jan. 22, 2023, at Fairfield Inn by Marriott, and the accompanying show went from 2:30 till 8:30pm. It was hosted by Pakistan’s celebrity host Cybil Chaudhary.

It was attended by many celebrities and media representatives, the press release said.

A Sufi performance was presented, followed by a traditional dinner by Kababjees.

The brainchild of Huma Nasr, the CEO of SEPMA, Jashne Sepma Business Awards were announced at the press conference

Jashme SEPMA aspires to not only promote established and emerging local talent but also has an ongoing collaboration with international artisans from the world over, a press release said.

Sohail Tariq, CEO of Northlandz speaking to ITV Gold/Parikh Worldwide Media at the Jan. 22, 2023 press conference. Photo: ITV Gold

According to SEPMA, the business awards have the potential for being a “real money making opportunity” and “JASHNE SEPMA will cater to all these industries and will give the economic boost by creating Special Avenues to build, share, sell and achieve the goals.”

The three-day festival is scheduled for Augusts 12, 13, and 14, the last day coinciding with the independence day of Pakistan.

“We as Shaan-e-Pakistan registered in the USA look to build a great B2B and B2C association between CEOs and inviting Pakistan Brands for Mergers,” the press release said, adding that the organization’s goal is “celebrating Pakistani products in the USA to help the Pakistan economy by association of Brand here in the USA and create Business opportunities and avenues for business potential as Pakistan’s economic impact has hindered many industries.”

Cybil Chaudhary, Pakistani celebrity host, speaking to ITV Gold/Parikh Worldwide Media. Photo: ITV Gold

“We may bring expertise from Pakistan from the areas of Tech, Entertainment, FMCG Brands, Music,” organizers said in the press release. Other sectors which will be included are pharmaceutical and alternative medicines, more in textiles, garments, and real estate.



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