Minister Piyush Goyal on ITV Gold: Invest in India



Indian Minister Piyush Goyal in interview at ITV Gold studios in Edison, N.J. Jan. 8, 2023. Photo: videograb from ITV Gold

In an interview on the show “Insight Tonight” with host Ashok Vyas, India’s Minister of Trade and Commerce, said the most notable things happening in India are – the sincerity of purpose with which Prime Minister Modi has led the country; the stability of the country; the innovative thinking that Modi has brought to policy; and the confidence he has given to every citizen that India matters in this world.

Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, right, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold, greets Indian Minister of Commerce Piyush Goyal to the ITV studios Jan. 8, 2023, for a scheduled interview. Photo: ITV Gold.

Prime Minister Modi has involved every citizen in the nation-building effort, Goyal said, in every initiative undertaken since 2014, from the early Swachh Bharat campaign to financial digitization. “The entire nation has now started looking for a better future, aspiring or a better quality of life.”

Policy discussions under Modi involve a lot of dialogue, are open, and inclusive, Goyal said. Modi has a “whole of government” approach and is a good listener, who comes up with out of the box ideal for implementation. He thinks in scale, and knows which persons have contributed what to a particular initiative.

The 32 million Indians living abroad, Goyal said, make India proud. “You are really the ambassadors” of India, “and as people see your success, they see the potential that India holds,” he added.

And while the two democracies think of the world affairs and look to rule-based world order, and the management and technical skills provided by non-resident Indians, U.S. companies see India as a trusted partner, both at the geopolitical, financial and people to people level, which are expanding.

“We would like to see more happening,” Goyal said. Investors would have a local mass market along with their global reach, if they invested in India, he noted.

Meanwhile, young Indians are demanding high quality of goods and services, and India has a corruption-free system and a strong and stable leadership, Goyal contended.

“The youth of India are very, very empowered…. with good education, strong skills, unmatched talent, and fire in the belly to do more for their families and their country,” Goyal said.



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