Mayor Bhalla loses Democratic Primary for Congressional run to Rob Menendez Jr.

Mayor Bhalla campaigning for Democratic Primary. PHOTO: X @ravibhalla

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, lost a hard-fought Democratic primary battle against incumbent Rob Menendez in the 8th Congressional District, held June 5, 2024.

Bhalla secured 37 percent of the vote to Menendez Jr.’s 52 percent, according to results reported by

Bhalla’s campaign had zeroed in on charges of corruption alleged against US Senator Bob Menendez, the father of Menendez Jr., focusing on Democratic “Party bosses” unwilling to give up power, and the need for a recharged, new leadership.

“While Tuesday night’s results weren’t the outcome we desired, I’m tremendously proud of the campaign we ran. Democracy won, and the people of our District – for the first time in years – had a true choice at the ballot box,” Bhalla said in a conciliatory tone June 6, in a mailing.,

“Taking on the status quo, party bosses, the county line, and politics as usual is never easy, but great change does not happen when we stay on the sidelines or lose hope,” Bhalla said, “It’s my belief that this campaign is part of a larger movement for a more democratic New Jersey, where so many more of us run for office.”

Bhalla congratulated Rob Menendez on his victory, adding, “I look forward to working with him to improve the quality of life for the residents of Hoboken and the Eighth District.”

Bhalla thanked his family and Hoboken citizens for their support, saying, “Your confidence in your community – and me – showed so many of us what’s possible when we enter the arena and participate.”



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