Subramanyam wins crowded Virginia Democratic primary in run for Congress

Suhas Subramanyam gesturing a victory sign while addressing his supporters in Ashburn, Virginia, after winning the Democratic primary on June 18, 2024. PHOTO: Suhas Subramanyam

Virginia State Senator Suhas Subramanyam, the first Hindu-American elected to the VA State Senate, emerged victorious on June 18, 2024, in a crowded Democratic primary race featuring a dozen candidates in the 10th Congressional district.

Among his competitors were notable figures such as former Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, State Senator Jennifer Boysko, and House Delegates Michelle Maldonado, David Reid and Dan Helmer. Additionally, Indian-American Krystle Kaul also vied to represent the district.

After the primary win, Subramanyam told News India Times, “I’m just proud of the team, proud of all the people who came out and made their voice heard. I am honored that our community would rally behind me and honor me with the nomination. I look forward to November to make history by getting elected to Congress. I hope that people will feel like they have representation when they see me in Congress.”

Suhas Subramanyam with his wife Miranda Pena Subramanyam at the election night event in Ashburn, Virginia, after winning the Democratic primary on June 18, 2024. PHOTO: Suhas Subramanyam

Subramanyam will now compete against Republican candidate Mike Clancy in the November 4 general elections.

When asked about his chances of winning against Clancy, Subramanyam said, “We feel good about November. I feel confident about our chances. Mike Clancy is going to be a tough candidate, but at the same time, I know that people have rejected some of the politics of MAGA in this area. We want people who are pragmatic, who want to fight the dysfunction, not add to it. We want people who will just get things done for our community.”

When asked if he is confident about increasing the number of Indian-American lawmakers in the US House by winning the 10th district, Subramanyam said, “I will do everything possible to make that happen, and I feel like I’m well positioned to do so.”

Subramanyam was endorsed by US Representative Jennifer Wexton from the VA’s 10th district, who announced that she will retire at the end of her term this November due to health issues. He was also endorsed by State Senate Majority Leader Scott Surovell among others.

In an exclusive interview with News India Times at his residence in January this year, Subramanyam noted, “I feel like people have lost faith in the US Congress. I think a lot of that is a byproduct of people just losing trust in Congress and the people that we are sending there have either been there too long or have completely lost faith in the process. So, I want to be part of the solution” while noting he want to restore faith and take on the tough fights.

He further added that in Congress he will work to protect women’s reproductive rights, address climate change, and fix the broken immigration system.

“I am honored to be your Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. This district is my home. I got married here. My kids were born here. The issues our community faces are personal to our family. I will continue to be a champion for families here and make sure everyone feels like they have a voice,” Subramanyam told his supporters on June 18th after winning the primary.

While pointing out that the campaign raised $1.2M in the last 8 months by knocking on over 50,000 doors, he said, “This district will remain blue, and I will do everything in my power to make my constituents proud.”

Thanking Congresswoman Wexton for her “fearless leadership and support” Subramanyam emphasized the community has greatly benefited from her efforts. He also thanked his wife Miranda Pena Subramanyam for her unwavering support and added, “I am so grateful for our two kids and the family we’ve built together.”



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