Long Island Ladies Club celebrates Lohri

Long Island Ladies Club celebrates Lohri

The Long Island Ladies Club (LILC) celebrated the festival of Lohri on Wednesday, January 23, at Lotus Restaurant in Hicksville, New York.

The festival was attended by about 75 ladies who were all dressed in colorful Punjabi outfits and as a part of tradition, plates filled with moongphali, makki and revri ghazak were placed at the entrance.

The festival also featured a shopping bazaar by Meenu Kumar and others, as well as delicious Punjabi food including Makki Di Roti, Sarson Da Saa with Gur and Mooli salad.

The program started an explanation of the festival, given by Rekha Chichara while Anju Sharma sang the traditional song of “Karela.”

The program continued with a Lohri celebration of throwing peanuts and corn into the fire while dancing around it.

Also at the event, Arti Majhitia ji was honored for her community work.



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