Life is Good is about hope and finding happiness in small things, says Jackie Shroff

39 years after his debut with Hero in December 1983, Jackie Shroff plays a heartwarming role of a man who decides that Life is Good in the film of that name. Photo: Ashwani Shukla

Jackie Shroff has mainly been known for action, but the veteran actor is all pumped up to take different roles and is exploring different genres ever since he became a character actor many years ago. In the same month as his debut film 39 years ago (December), he will be seen in Anand Shukla’s Life is Good, releasing on December 9, as a protagonist.

The film is about an emotional attachment between Rameshwar and Mishti. Rameshwar (Jackie) is living a peaceful life in a village in North India, but feels that he is slowly losing control of life. He had lost his mother whom he loved the most, and that has shattered him.He remembers his mother everyday.

Without a wife or kid, Rameshwar has to face life alone or can start all over again. Trapped in depression, he decides to finish it all, but God has other plans for him. He meets Mishti, a 6 year-old kid, who becomes his reason to live. Mishti’s excitement for life attracts him.

Many years later, Mishti is getting married and will be shifting to America. This thought again comes as a shock to him, but this time, he decides to cope with this and continue to enjoy life.

Poster for ‘Life is Good’

Jackie says, “I am grateful to Anand Shukla for casting me in this beautiful film. Life is good and teaches us how to deal with losses and finding happiness in small things. It is easy to be in a shell, but it takes a lot of courage to break that. Love is something that provides a balance in life. Live life king-size!”

Directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan, who is also an actor, writer and theater artiste, Life is Good is co-stars Rajit Kapur, Sunita Sengupta, Darshan Zariwala, Mohan Kapoor, Saanand Verma, Saniya, Ananya and Ankita. The film has music by Abhishek Ray.

As per Abhishek’s statement, it is a proper film soundtrack with situational songs and will have an album release on December 5. The singers are Asha Bhosle, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal and Abhishek himself and the music is published by



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