Two NYPD officers get proclamation for bravery, day named after them

NYPD police officers Taufique Bokht, right, and Brunel Victor were awarded proclamations for their acts of bravery on Thanksgiving Day, at a ceremony held November 28, 2022. Photo: Twitter NYPDPC

New York City Mayor Eric Adams presented a proclamation November 28, 2022, to NYPD police officers Taufique Bokht, and Brunel Victor, originally from Haiti, for saving a man who ,had fallen on the subway tracks, at great risk to their own lives. He named November 28, 2022, after them.

Also lauding their bravery was NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell.

Deputy Mayor Philip Banks III, announcing the awards, praised the officers “who heroically risked their lives this past week, like they do every week, to save one of their fellow New Yorkers.”

The incident took place this past Thanksgiving day, November 24, 2022, while most New Yorkers were home with their loved ones, enjoying their meal.

A man experiencing homelessness felt dizzy and fell onto the subway tracks. Both Officers Bokth and Victor did not hesitate to take action, the Mayor noted.

Some members of the public held the emergency exit as the officers raced across the street and jumped onto the tracks, seconds before a train came barreling in. With the help of a good Samaritan, they rescued the man who was attended to by EMS, and taken to the hospital in a stable condition.

“I’m excited for both these officers. These officers are representative of how we are going to fulfill our commitment and promise of regaining the safety in our subway system,” Mayor Adams said at the awards presentation ceremony November 28.

“We honor Officers Taufique Bokth and Brunel Victor. They embody the values of courage, caring, and compassion. And patrolling our subway system can be a challenging job. I know it far too well, because I did it for many years,” the Mayor said.

“Both these officers, and a good Samaritan who we attempted to identify to thank also, put their lives on the line for their fellow New Yorkers. Their courage and compassion is extraordinary.

But this is also what we see every day in our city. And sometimes we overlook the compassion and caring coordination that New Yorkers put together every day,” the Mayor went on to say.

He credited the rescue to the increases police presence ensured by funding by Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Officers Bokth and Victor had completed their normal tour of duty, and were assigned for an additional four hours of duty near the incident site 116th Street Station. “This directly resulted in them saving a New Yorker’s life,” the Mayor contended and went on to say, “Therefore, I, Eric Adams, mayor of the City of New York do hereby proclaim Monday, November 28th, Officer Brunel Victor Day and Officer Bokth Day.”

The officers thanked the Mayor who asked them their country of origin.

“You know, we should point out both these officers, one from Haiti, one from Bangladesh, shows the diversity of our department. It shows how when we talk about bringing in new arrivals to our cities from distant shores, these men and women put on a uniform every day to protect the city that they, not only have adopted, but that they love. And we want to thank both of you for doing so.”

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell called it a “fearless rescue” and also praised the officers for their “heroism, courage, and compassion.”
Thank you for your quick thinking, your selflessness, and your bravery. And thank you for making all of us proud to count you among New York’s finest,” Sewell said.

In a tweet, Sewell added, “Officers Victor and Bokth represent what it means to be NY’s Finest. Working on Thanksgiving, these hero cops put the safety of a fellow New Yorker ahead of their own as they saved a man’s life who accidentally fell on the subway tracks. Today’s honors are a well-earned!



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