Life coach advises hundreds of Indian-American seniors in Chicago

Himani Chavda, a life coach, explaining to senior citizens ‘How to live Happy Life with positive thinking, at an event May 21, 2022, in the Rana Regan Center in Carol Stream, Illinois. Photo: jayanti Oza

More than 600 Bharatiya Seniors of Chicago members gathered to hear a  ‘Himani Happiness Hub” program on Saturday May 21, 2022 at Rana Regan Center in Carol Stream, Illinois.

The occasion coincided with the monthly meeting of BSC officials where they announced new executives committee for the year 2022-23. BSC President Hari Patel welcomed new committee members and wished them good luck, a press release from member of BSC Jayanti Oza, said.

Himani Chavda, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Life Coach spoke to those gathered about the ‘Secret of Happiness in Life’  with the help of a video presentation. Subjects covered included –  Power of Your Mind, Positive Thinking & Right Attitude, Better Health, Wealth, Relationships and Spirituality, Peace of Mind- Remove Stress, Anger, Negative Thinking, Depression, Bad Habits.

Chavda also informed them of a new award-winning book  which contains information on healthy rituals that could change one’s life.

She shared some ways to change one’s attitude and mood by talking about positive subjects, recalling happy memories, and dancing.



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