Kamala Harris wants Jeff Sessions who opposed EAD for H-4 visa holders, to resign


NEW YORK: US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a big critic of giving Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to some eligible spouses of H-1B visa workers.

When the Obama administration had granted EAD to some H-4 visa holders after a decade-long campaign by the latter – terming it also as a humanitarian issue, the then Arizona Senator Sessions had called it a game changer for American workers. Sessions is a staunch anti-immigration critic. He has termed H-1B visa professionals as a ‘tremendous threat’ to American workers.

Sessions is himself facing a lot of flak on Capitol Hill for his false testimony on contacts with Russians officials, in his Senate confirmation hearing for Attorney General. Sen. Al Franken has termed it as perjury. Rep. Nancy Pelosi wants Sessions to resign.

Indian American Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California) was one of the first to lambast Sessions and ask him to resign. Harris has been a strong pro-immigration advocate during her time as California Attorney General.

Here’s the full statement released by Harris for Sessions to resign:

“Attorney General Sessions deceived Congress and the American people, irreparably damaging his integrity, and is therefore ineligible to serve as the top law enforcement official of our country. He must resign immediately. In sworn testimony, Sessions said he had not communicated with Russian officials at a time when Russia was actively interfering with our election and he was serving as an official advisor to the Trump campaign. It is now clear that was a lie.

“Weeks ago, I said Attorney General Sessions could not be an impartial steward of the FBI’s investigation into communication and ties between the Russians and President Trump’s campaign given his formal role on the campaign. But his recusal is no longer enough.

“The faith Americans have in both a fair election and their elected officials has been fundamentally damaged and cannot be restored until there’s a full accounting of the facts. This is critical to combating future Russian intrusion in our government and electoral process. Attorney General Sessions is a roadblock to that goal. It is essential to doing the work of justice that the American people believe that the top prosecutor is honest and unbiased. In the best interest of the nation, Attorney General Sessions must vacate his position immediately.”



  1. And right after Sessions resigns Kamala should resign for her collusion, corruption, when AG of California. She failed to do her job when it came to protect rate payers from corruption at the CPUC and Gov Brown’s office. She put her desire to take B Boxer’s place ahead of the ratepayers fair treatment. She is whats wrong with the country. I guess you have to be a liar and cheater to be in government nowadays!


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