ITServe Alliance welcomes the H-1B visa domestic renewal program launched in December

ITServe Alliance leadership and members lobbying on Capitol Hill on Labor Day. PHOTO: Courtesy ITServe

ITServe Alliance (, an organization representing  more than 2,200 small and medium IT service companies, issued a statement Dec. 5, 2023, “expressed its overwhelming support” for the new Pilot Domestic Visa Renewal Program, limited to H-1B Visas, that mainly benefits Information Technology professionals.

The pilot initiative by the US administration aims to alleviate long wait time for visa appointments, initially issuing 20,000 visas to foreign nationals already in the US in the IT sector, noted the press release from the organization.

“The U.S. needs to maintain its leadership in technology and innovation,” Vinay Mahajan, ITServe Alliance president is said, adding, “The U.S. has a large skills gap – availability of workers vs the openings for talent in the IT sector. We need the brightest minds from all over the world to keep our wide lead in technology and innovation. This new initiative is a good step to achieve this goal. ”

Highlights of the H-1B Visa Renewal Program provided by ITServe Alliance are as follows:

  • The Pilot Visa Renewal Program aims to have around 20,000 work visa renewals, constituting approximately 10% of the anticipated 583,420 H-1B visa holders.
  • The program will reduce the waiting period, ease the process of renewals, and eradicate the need for individuals to go back to their home country for appointments.
  • Presently, visa applicants must wait for an average period of 130 days for appointments in their home country. Moreover, individuals are restricted from traveling abroad until their visa has been renewed every three years.
  • The streamlined renewal process also intends to free up valuable time for US missions abroad to concentrate on new candidates.
  • A formal notice in the federal register which will detail the procedures, requirements, and guidelines for the first round of applicants, covering 20,000 cases from December to February, paves the way for the State Department’s plan to extend the program for more employment categories in 2024.

“In the past few years, ITServe leadership has continuously reiterated the need for a Domestic Visa Renewal Program with the US Congressmen and Department of State officials. ITServe has expressed gratitude and appreciation to Department of Homeland Security for listening to its request and now bringing back this program,” the press release said.



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