Indian Overseas Congress New Jersey holds Tri-state meeting

Capturing a moment on stage with Newly formed Indian Overseas Congress New Jersey office bearers, committee members, joined by distinguished figures Sam Pitroda (Global Chairman IOC), George Abraham (Vice Chairman, IOC) , Pradeep Kothari (President IOC New Jersey) and Harbachan Singh (Secretary General IOC, USA). PHOTO: IOC-NJ

The Indian Overseas Congress New Jersey recently held a meeting that drew more than 500 individuals from the  New Jersey and Tri-state area.

“This gathering marked the triumphant relaunch of the Indian Overseas Congress New Jersey, encapsulating three pivotal focal points: the ongoing elections in five states, the kickoff campaign for the 2024 elections, and a poignant Diwali celebration, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness,” organizers said in a press release.

New Jersey President Pradip (Peter) Kothari and Chairman Harkesh Thakur, led the event which included some distinguished guests, including the chief guest Global Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress Sam Pitroda, Vice Chairman George Abraham, Secretary General Harbachan Singh, and Working President Pradeep Samla.

Kerala, Punjab, Telangana, Haryana, Andhra and other state chapters of the Indian Overseas Congress in New Jersey greeted by Sam Pitroda (Global Chairman IOC) Peter Kothari (President IOC NJ) and Ram Gadula (Telangana Chapter Head). PHOTO: IOC-NJ

In his speech, Pitroda recounted his journey from India to the USA and back. With a spotlight on his significant contributions to shaping India’s IT and telecom industry, Pitroda addressed pressing challenges, including communal disharmony and threats to constitutional values, the press release said. Drawing poignant parallels with global crises in Ukraine, Israel, and Palestine, he underscored the divisive nature of contemporary society. In his concluding remarks, Pitroda emphasized the paramount importance of upholding Gandhian principles, advocating for their role in fostering a more harmonious world.

A section of the audience at the IOC-Tristate meeting held recently. PHOTO: IOC-NJ

Kothari urged those present to embrace their rights and freedoms, firmly denouncing hate and divisive politics. Advocating for active participation in the Indian National Congress, he stressed its role in championing the rights of the deprived and oppressed. He highlighted the profound impact of adhering to Gandhian ideology for positive societal change, acknowledge the contributions of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel, and that of those who followed including Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

Thakur conveyed his wishes and support, encouraging widespread participation to ensure the success of Congress events. The gathering concluded with a shared commitment to uphold democracy and the principles outlined in the Indian constitution.

The proceedings were overseen by Qayam Mausmi, Secretary of Indian Overseas Congress New Jersey, focusing on the Congress themes of fostering unity across India, signified by events like the Bharat Jodo Movement.

Joint Secretary Arjumand Juweria, voiced concerns about escalating disharmony in India, underscoring the imperative for collective attention and concerted efforts to address this pressing issue.

Ram Gadula, chairman of the Telangana Chapter, coordinated the event, bringing together chapter heads from Kerala, Punjab, Telangana, Haryana, Andhra and others in New Jersey.

Together, Sam Pitroda, Peter Kothari, and Harkesh Thakur, warmly greeted all members and office bearers. Vice Chairman Bharat Patel and Mukesh Maid, along with Vice President Manmitsing Vasdev, Tanzeem Ansari, and Mahesh Patel, added their support.

Qayam Masumi, a seasoned and dedicated member, has taken on the role of New Jersey Chapter Secretary, demonstrating the chapter’s trust in his capabilities. Raj Desai has assumed the position of Treasurer. Dipak Valsadia and Harvender Singh have been appointed as Public Relations Officers. Pamposh Shaikh joins as Joint Treasurer, emphasizing the chapter’s dedication to effective communication and outreach.

“Together, these key figures embody the unity that is a hallmark of the IOC, showcasing their collaborative efforts and commitment to the organization’s objectives,” organizers said in the press release.

The spotlight of the event shone on the newly formed Executive Committee comprising of Raj Macwan, Vihari Patel, Neeraj Gamadia, Kirit Jakaria, Nandini Kothari, Nina Thakur, Jyoti Ruben, Dave Makkar, Chandrakant Bhatt Basha Syed and Ashish Master.



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