Indian Overseas Congress-USA lauds Rahul Gandhi as choice to lead Opposition

Rahul Gandhi receiving a bouquet poses with Mohinder Singh Gilzian. PHOTO: undated, provided by IOC-USA

The Indian Overseas Congress-USA, celebrated the designation of Rahul Gandhi as the Leader of the Lok Sabha Opposition announced June 24, 2024.

Secretary-General of IOC-USA Harbachan Singh said in a press release that Gandhi “who is extremely well au courant with the needs of the people and the country has been widely regarded as the most suitable leader to be so designated.”

Singh also said Gandhi would “play a very significant role” to safeguard democracy and diversity in India.

“He will fight fiercely or defend strongly, as necessary, the direction the Modi government will now assume. He will not allow Modi ji government a “free hand” anymore.  The respect for justice, law and order and progressive policies will come first,” Singh added.

President of IOC-USA Mohinder Singh Gilzian congratulated Gandhi saying the new Opposition Leader would oppose government policies if they were not in the public interest.

Sam Pitroda, the former leader of IOC-USA, indicated “that short of total victory at the polls, the Indian National Congress has evidently won a pivotal position to closely monitor the actions and defaults of the government.” Pitroda also congratulated “for his hard work and perseverance all these years and to the entire Indian Congress Party team at the helm in New Delhi.”

Vice-Chairman George Abraham, noted that the Leader of the Opposition is generally responsible for managing the way the opposition develops policies, scrutinises the government and acts in Parliament, actions that Gandhi would be the best to handle.



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