Indian Diaspora Council International condemns Atlanta murders

The community organization Hindus of Greater Houston, held a meeting with federal and local law enforcement officials on hate crime and how to safeguard places of worship. Seen in photo, from left, front row — Morris Grunill, Fort Bend Church; Dr. Zahra Jamal, Rice University; Rev Gregory Han, IMG –Interfaith; Jason Plotkin, Jewish representative; Shri Kedar Thakker, BAPS Mandir Admin. Back row. standing, from left — Vijay Pallod, Kim Milstead (Dept. of Justice), Harpeet Mocha (Dept. of Justice); Tara Narasimhan; Bhawna Luthra, Gopal Agarwal, Partha Krishnaswamy; Girish Naik; Sreemathy Ranga, Raj Shah. (Photo courtesy HGH) (Photo from 2019)

The Indian Diaspora Council International (IDC), an organization formed in 1997 which says it has a presence in 21 countries, put out a statement March 18, joining with other organizations, agencies, groups, individuals and institutions locally and worldwide “in unequivocal condemnation of targeted racial attacks, including intimidation, brutality, violence and deaths, directed against Asian-Americans and persons of Asian origin in the USA.”

“IDC considers these despicable and reprehensible acts as unjustified criminal actions targeted against persons because of their race and ethnic origin,” the organization said in a press release.

Fundraiser held in March 2017 to advocate against hate crimes (Photo H.P. Singh)

“IDC joins with community organizations and agencies in support of quick condemnation and community solidarity for justice and prevention of similar racial violence. We share the pain and anguish of our brethren and sisters of Asian origin in the USA and globally, and we extend our support and prayers for the families of those who lost their lives as well as those injured in the recent attacks in Atlanta and elsewhere,” it added.

The organization called for all efforts to prevent similar attacks in the future and support a national dialogue at local and national levels to resolve conflicts, misinformation and misplaced perceptions which can lead to such tragedies.




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