Indian-American Judge in Texas challenges Governor in lawsuit

Fort Bend, TX County Judge K.P. George. Photo:

Fort Bend County Judge K.P. George of Texas, is bucking Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order that banned mask mandates in schools.

On Aug. 11, 2021, Judge George joined several other local officials and school administrations that are rebelling against the Governor’s executive order G 38. On Aug. 9, Dallas schools began requiring masks as did several other localities. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins won a temporary restraining order against G 38 on Aug. 9.

“#BREAKING: Fort Bend County as authorized a lawsuit against Governor Abbott’s unlawful executive order that prohibits local communities from implementing important public health measures. We stand with our parents, teachers, and community members against COVID-19,” Tweeted Judge George on the afternoon of Aug. 11.


“I’ll do all I can to protect the public health and the people of Fort Bend County. I hope others will join me in following the science and listening to local doctors and the CDC to act swiftly and decisively,” Judge George added.

George had been consistently advocating for the use of masks and getting vaccinated over the days before he announced the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Gov. Abbott has threatened to sue all those going against his order, be it schools or officials.

“Any school district, public university, or local government official that decides to defy GA-38 – which prohitibts gov’t entities from mandating masks – will be taken to court,” Abbott tweeted on Aug. 11.

The executive order GA 38, as spelt out in, says, “No governmental entity can compel any individual to receive a Covid-19 vaccine administered under an emergency use authorization,” the order said. “It also prohibits any public agencies or private entities receiving public funds, including grants and loans, from requiring consumers to show documentation of vaccinations before entering or receiving a service from the entity.”

Those opposing the ban have already won a restraining order on GA 38, but now face any lawsuits the Governor may initiate against them, including Judge George.

“The District Court has approved our Temporary Restraining Order against the Governor’s executive order which prohibited us from implementing measures to protect our children. Even when state leaders play politics, Fort Bend will protect our communities.” Judge KP George tweeted Aug. 11 night.

“As a parent, resident, and as your Fort Bend County Judge, I am so proud of our parents, students, and educators advocating tirelessly for protecting students and staff!” he tweeted, adding, “Masking Up & Getting Vaccinated will lead to more hospital bed space for ANY condition in Southeast Texas.”

He reinstated the mask mandate after the restraining order, that requires all county employees and visitors to county facilities must wear a face covering, adding, “This order will also include the requirement that face coverings be worn inside public schools.”

“I didn’t want to sue Governor Abbott, but when the lives of our children and families are on the line, it was necessary,” Judge George tweeted.

And his message to Gov. Abbott – “We’ll see you in Court.”

Judge K.P. George’s bio on the Fort Bend County website says he grew up in a small village in Kerala and immigrated to the United States in 1993. He has lived in Fort Bend County for more than twenty years.

A board-certified financial planner, Judge George co-owns and operates a successful financial planning practice in Sugar Land, TX.

He was elected in 2014, Judge George to the Fort Bend ISD School Board, where he served two terms before becoming County Judge. While a trustee, he earned the distinguished title of Master Trustee from the Texas Association of School Boards.

Judge George is married to Sheeba and they have three children, Rohit, Helen and Sneha. The George family attends Sugar Creek Baptist Church and they live in Richmond with their youngest daughter and their two dogs, Rico and Beau.



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