Indian-American Enters Race for Schaumburg, Illinois Mayor

                                                          Illinois Capitol Building
                                                        Via: Wikimedia Commons

Indian-American Sunil Shah has entered the race for Schaumburg, Illinois mayor as of August 2nd , in which he is pitted against Nafees Rahman and Tom Dailly, the Schaumburg City Trustee. Shah and Rahman are new to political campaigns, but have been longtime influences in their communities. Shah is an insurance agent, while Rahman was the Deputy Director of Accounting Revenue for the Illinois Secretary of State.

Rahman was the child of Pakistani immigrants, and has been a consulting executive for many out-of-state companies since establishing residency in Schaumburg in 1997, according to The Daily Herald.

Incumbent Al Larson is undecided about running for what would be his ninth term, and is focused on completing the remainder of his current term, The Herald reported.

Shah lives with his wife and raised two children in the town of Schaumburg, emigrating from India in the 1990s, stated the report. He said he would be “…humbled and honored to give back to the community.”

The candidate wants to lessen property taxes for poor families and ensure stronger local gun safety laws in and around the school district. It noted that Shah believed Schaumburg could benefit from new leadership in tax policy, particularly.

A separate piece by The Daily Herald  reported Aug. 13, that the Upper Midwest Regional Director of Asian American Hotel Owners Association Kalpesh Joshi, has already endorsed Shah and there are high hopes for his candidacy and potential mayorship.



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