Hundreds attend 2nd annual Iftaar hosted by Indian Muslims of Jersey City

Naat reciter at the 2nd annual Iftaar March 31, 2024, at Lincoln Park, NJ, hosted by Indian Muslims of Jersey City. PHOTO: Courtesy organizers

The Indian Muslim Community of Jersey City (IMCJC) came together  once again  for their 2nd Annual  Grand Iftaar  in the month of Ramadan, held at Lincoln Park  on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

This event, organized  by a soon-to-be non-profit organization, showcased  the community’s unity  and shared  respect, a press release from organizers said.

With the collaboration of city officials and the Jersey City Police Department, the event welcomed more than 600 attendees, “a testament to the community’s spirit of giving and solidarity,” manifested in more than 12 years of being a pillar of support for the local Indian community, the press release said.

Hundreds came to the 2nd annual Iftaar dinner hosted by Indian Muslims of Jersey City, March 31, 2024, at Lincoln Park, NJ. PHOTO: organizers

This year’s Iftaar was no exception,  with the organizing  team comprising  dedicated volunteers from within the  community, both  men and  women,  who worked  tirelessly to  ensure  the event’s success. Organizers included Hussain Kolani,  Mohammed Farooq  Khan,  Mohiuddin  K  Gulam,  Pervez  Khan,  Shahbuddeen Khan,  Mo- hammed  Nadeem Abrar,  Aamir Moghul, Munaf Indawala, Shakeel,  and all the boys volunteers: Saif Ansari, Shoaib, Amaan, Danish, Samad, Shadab,  Ibrahim, Abdul,  Zainuddin,  Mansoor,  Saad,  Talha,  Adil,  Adeeb,  Afnan,  and  Hisham, as  well as  the girls  sponsors:   Sana  Afroz, Seema Afroz, Falak Noor Baig, Zoha Fatima  Ahmed,  Sumayya Fa- tima Ahmed, Harshini Borra,  Syeda  Sana Amjad,  Ayesha  Fatima,  Mariam and Ayesha.

Organizers gave special thanks to Arjumand  Jaweria, who helped with all the permits  from the city,  and Usman Gani, who played  a pivotal  role in inviting  some of the city officials.

The evening commenced with a “profound reflection” on the significance  of Surah Qadr  by  Zoha Fatima   Ahmed,  followed  by  an  eloquent  recitation of Surah Baqrah  by  Dania Mehreen.  The participation of young  members  like Ahmed and Mehreen underscores IMCJC’s commitment  to nurturing future leaders and fostering  a sense of belonging among the youth.

Gratitude was extended  to the city  officials and Jersey City Police Department for their unwavering support,  ensuring  the smooth execution  of the event.  Spe- cial thanks  were also extended  to Sgt Osama Badawi  for all the help provided by the Jersey City Department.

Above and below – attendees, organizers and volunteers, at the March 31, 2024, 2nd annual Iftaar, hosted by Indian Muslims of Jersey City. PHOTOS: organizers

City  officials  including  Councilwoman  Mira  Prinz-Arey,   Administrator Peter Hoton, Congressman Rob Menendez, Former Governor McGreevy, and Con- gressman  Jeremy Julis attended the  event.  Special thanks were extended to the County Sheriff for facilitating the event location and providing essential  logistical  support.

Organizers gave kudos to the Lincoln Park  management team  for their assistance and cooperation throughout the planning  and execution  of the Iftaar.

Central  to the success  of the event  were the generous  contributions of numer- ous  food sponsors,  including  Bombay  Vada  House, Hyderabadi  House, Dosa Biryani  House, Deccan Spice,  Dosa House, Golconda Chimney,  Saptagiri, Las- sani, Parata Junction, Southern Spice, Pariwar Delights, Bawarchi, JP Canteen, Brooklyn  Pizza, and Desi Adda.  These sponsors provided  attendees with a feast of scrumptious delicacies,  leaving  taste  buds  tingling  and  hearts  full.   Special thanks  to Mohammed  Farooq  Khan,  one of the  organizers  who played  a cru- cial role in the event.  His efforts were instrumental in encouraging  the sponsor restaurants to provide  food, ensuring  the success  of the Iftaar.   We deeply  appreciate  his dedication  and kindness  in making the event  a grand  success.

Medina Pharmacy, owned by Omar Chaudry,  emerged as the event’s biggest sponsor.

Looking ahead,  IMCJC expressed  its commitment  to continue organizing  such events,  with the hope of welcoming even more individuals into  the  fold and  making  a  meaningful  impact  in the  community.



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