Ananda Marga Wellness & Meditation Center hosts “Festival of Bliss” in NY


The Ananda Marga Wellness and Meditation Center based in Connecticut, held a musical event April 21, 2024, in its bid to raise awareness about its humanitarian work around the world and its most recent initiative in the tri-state region. The event was held at the Community Center auditorium in Flushing, NY. Entitled “Festival of Bliss” where attendees from several states enjoyed a cultural night with many performances of dance and music from several countries.

Spiritual songs being sung at the April 21, 2024, “Festival of Bliss” organized by Ananda Marga Wellness and Meditation Center. PHOTOS: ITV Gold

Based in the Stafford Springs area in Connecticut, AMWMC recently acquired about 100 acres of land nearby which it plans to build into a yoga, meditation, and culture center.

Naveen Shah of Navika group of companies, being recognized for his service by Ananda Marga leaders, Acharya Ishwar Krishnananda, left, and Acharya Abhirananda, right, April 21, 2024. PHOTO: ITV Gold

Individuals recognized at the event for their community service included Padma Shri recipient Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media/ITV Gold, Dr. V.K. Raju, founder of Eye Foundation of America, and Chief Executive Officer at Navika group of companies and philanthropist Naveen Shah. Acharya Abhirananda presented the awards to the recipients praising Dr. Parikh, Dr. Raju and Shah.

Dr. Sudhir Parikh speaking after receiving recognition award from Acharya Abhirananda, at the Ananda Marga international music festival held in Flushing Queens

“I would like to congratulate the great initiative of Ananda Marga. They are doing service not only to the community, but service to the whole humanity and humankind,” Dr. Parikh said in his speech while accepting the trophy. “They are going to build a huge, very vast state-of-the-art yoga center to help the community and the health of the community,” he said, adding that Ananda Marga should feel free to use the platform of his media company to further their good causes.

Dr. V.K. Raju being recognized at the Ananda Marga cultural festival April 23, 2024, by Acharya Abhirananda. PHOTO: ITV Gold

Dr. V.K. Raju also spoke about Ananda Marga’s good works and service on receiving recognition at the event.

Naveen Joshi, Ananda Marga’s head of operations in the New York area, told ITV Gold, about the 100 acres of land near Connecticut which is to be used to build not only a yoga center, but a farm, to be like an “eco village” which would be less than 100 miles from a major airport.

Acharya Ishwar Krishnananda, a sanyasi since 1973, who came to the US in 1993, told ITV Gold about the importance of art and culture in people’s lives, and that Ananda Marga is trying to follow Lord Shiva’s example to create art that lifts the human mind.

Also present at the event was Dr. Vipul Patel from the BAPS mandir in Flushing, Queens.

The musical event held over the weekend was one of several planned in the tri-state area. It featured the following artists –  
Ashley Dance Center, Dominican Dance Group, The Green Leaf Dance Art Troupe, Papayera New York, Sanjib Bhattacharya, Shikshayatan Cultural Center, Suresh Ketwaroe, Angel Shah, Rythm Dance Academy, RAWA, according to the announcement on the website (

Festival of Bliss poster showing details of the event hosted by Ananda Marga Wellness and Meditation Center.

“All funds raised will support constructing and maintaining Ananda Kalpataru Wellness and Meditation Center, a peaceful retreat center for those seeking to nourish their mind, body, and spirit,” organizers said on the website.

“This joyful event embodies the Neo-humanism philosophy, celebrating diversity, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a sense of community that transcends differences,” Ananda Marga said in the announcement on the event.



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