Gopal, Donlon, and Peterpaul, double turnout in 11th District  primaries of New Jersey

New Jersey State Senator Vin Gopal, the first Indian American to be elected to the upper house in the state. PHOTO: Facebook @Senator Vin Gopal

Dr. Margie Donlon (Ocean Twp) and Luanne Peterpaul, Esq. (Long Branch) were officially elected as the New Jersey Democratic Assembly candidates joining State Senator Vin Gopal (Long Branch) who is incumbent and only Indian American ever elected to the upper house. The three now move on to November general elections as the Democratic team running to represent the 11th Legislative District.

A press release from the candidates, said the team earned more than 7,500 total votes, nearly doubling the vote count of their Republican opponents. Most notably, the ticket received over 4,100 Vote-by-Mail ballots – the highest count ever received in a Legislative District 11 Primary, they said.

“With these Primary returns, we are seeing turnout numbers that surpass every goal we created for ourselves. History shows us that it is difficult to turn out voters in local elections, let alone an uncontested Primary. These results show that Monmouth County is excited about our team and we are well prepared for the General Election,” said Gopal, Donlon, and Peterpaul, in the press release.

“We are ready to use the next five months to continue talking to Monmouth County voters of all parties about our plan to bring home real results for small businesses and Monmouth families. We are the team that has the tangible, bipartisan experience needed to unite Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated voters at the ballot box,” they added.

Senator Vin Gopal is running for his third term as the campaign for November begins. The other two candidates from the NJ State Assembly “are looking to make history,” the press release noted.

If elected, Dr. Margie Donlon would become the first woman doctor to serve in the New Jersey General Assembly, and Luanne Peterpaul, Esq., would become the first openly gay woman to serve in the New Jersey General Assembly.



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