Film ‘Mane Lai Ja’ premieres in Chicago

Scene from the movie, Mane Lai Ja, showing the young girl playing Anandi, the main character in the film. PHOTOS: Courtesy Jayanti Oza

The award-winning, hit movie, Mane Lai Ja, by filmmakers Ramesh Punatar and Sean Patel, was screened at Bensenville Theater in Bensenville IL, May 4, 2024.

Movie sponsor Ibrahim Kariwala, Rita shah, Ramesh Punatar, Naresh Shah, Swapnil Shah

Chief Guest Sunil Shah ( NY Life), and other sponsors of the event were Swapnil Shah ( Hollywood Actor, Producer and Director), Bharat Oza   (Media Oza), Rely Care (Naresh Shah),, Legacy Entertainment, HGI Financials, Dream Motor Car, Sreeji Travels, A.B. Entertainment.

Poster of the movie, Mane Lai Ja. Publicity material provided by Jayanti Oza

More then 200 people came to watch the film, a heart-warming story based on a 10 years old girl Anandi’s experiences. The film also delivers a social message on some of the bad rituals in the culture.

All guests said it was an excellent heart touching, social film with a great message about a daughter to all communities, Jayanti Oza, an attendee said.

“Watching this film many had tears in their eyes but they were very happy to see the end of the movie,” Oza said.



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