Chicago meeting explores Indo-US strategic partnership amidst 2024 Elections 

Amar Upadhyay Chicago Convenor of OFBJP, Rakesh Malhotra Founder of Global Indian Diaspora and
Priyam Gandhi-Mody. PHOTOS: Courtesy Jayanti Oza

Author and political communications strategist from India Priyam Gandhi-Mody, addressed a gathering in Chicago April 30, 2024, that explored the Indo-US strategic partnership amidst 2024 Elections. The event was organized by the organization, Global Indian Diaspora.

Drawing parallels between the electoral processes in both countries, Gandhi-Mody spoke about the significance of these elections for the two largest and oldest democracies in the world, according to information from Jayanti Oza, an attendee at the event.

Members of the Indian Diaspora with Author Priyam Gandhi Mody, Rakesh Malhotra Founder pf Global India Diaspora , Abhinav Raina, Nimesh Jani, Vandana Jhingan and Yogesh Shah.

“Bharat is not only the largest but also the oldest democracy,” she said, emphasizing how ancient Indian texts like the Rigveda, Atharvaveda, and Mahabharata reference democratic practices.

She also discussed the robust electoral process conducted on a massive scale in India and Prime Minister Modi’s vision of ‘Viksit Bharat’ (Developed India) and its potential to deepen cooperation between the US and India in various sectors, including space, deep sea explorations, defense, highly skilled human resources, and economic development.

The outcome of the US elections could impact the H-1B visa policies, she noted, which could affect the flow of highly skilled Indian professionals to the US, thereby influencing the human resources sector.

Rakesh Malhotra, founder of Global Indian Diaspora, underscored the immense significance and relevance of the Indo-US strategic partnership.

“Democracy fuels progress and prosperity! … As two nations built on shared values of inclusivity and diversity, the Indo-US leadership is not just important; it’s paramount for peace, economic development, sustainability, and cooperation worldwide,” Malhotra said.

Political commentator and journalist Avatans Kumar, shared insights on the influences of narratives and social media on voters in both countries.

Priyam Gandhi-Mody addressing the Members of the Indian Diaspora

“In an age of information overload, understanding the impact of narratives and social media on voters is crucial for India and the United States. These platforms shape opinions and sway decisions, making them powerful tools in modern Democracy,” Kumar said. He also moderated a Q&A session.

Co-Founder of the Global Indian Diaspora, Abhinav Raina, expressed gratitude to those attending the event. “The Global Indian Diaspora is thrilled and grateful to host Priyam Gandhi- Mody as she shares her expertise on the Indo-US strategic partnership amidst the upcoming elections. This event underscores our commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration among the Indian diaspora worldwide.”

Alpesh Radadiya, host of the event and an active member of Gurukul, echoed those sentiments.



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