FIA-Chicago celebrates 8th International Day of Yoga

Lamp Lighting Ceremony at FIA-Chicago’s International Yoga Day Event June 21, 2022, by FIA Chairman & Founder President Sunil Shah, FIA President Hitesh Gandhi while President-Mindful Meditation Yoga & VP-FIA Anu Malhotra, is chanting the sacred Sanskrit hymns and mantras for peace and harmony. Photo: Asian Media USA

The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA – Chicago) celebrated the 8th International Yoga Day with ‘Mindful Meditation Yoga’ in Naperville on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. More than 100 people attended according to a press release from the organization.

Guests were welcomed in the Indian tradition with Chandan (sandalwood paste) kumkum teeka and flowers. The yoga event began with the opening address, by the hostess,

President of Mindful Meditation Yoga and Vice President FIA, Anu Malhotra welcomed attendees, and FIA Chairman and Founder-President Sunil Shah, and President of FIA-Chicago, Hitesh Gandhi gave speeches. Sunil Shah in his speech said, “Together we can create abundance of Peace, Joy, Healing energy and spread it in Humanity by practicing Yoga in our Daily lives!”

Others who addressed the gathering included Illinois State Senator Laura Clymore Ellman, and the two Guests of Honor, Dr Vemuri Murthy, chairman Chicago Medical Society and Dr Sreenivas Reddy, chairperson of Illinois State Medical Board 2022, and Special Guest, Consul Vinod Gautam from the Indian Consulate in Chicago.

The Lamp Lighting ceremony was performed by the dignitaries, Sunil Shah, Hitesh Gandhi, Dr Reddy, Dr Murthy, Ajeet Singh, Keerthi Revoori, Vinod Gautam, along with the sacred chanting of the auspicious Sanskrit hymns and mantras by Anu Malhotra, praying for the peace, good health and wellbeing of the world.

Blissful Aadi Yogi song performance by soulful singer Anil Jha, filled the atmosphere with Yogic aura, organizers said.

Guests & Participants doing Yog Asanas together on International Yoga Day event hosted by FIA-Chicago June 21, 2022. Photo: Asian Media USA

Appreciation Award Certificates were presented to the Yoga Teachers Anu Malhotra, Chitra Singh, Yash Chaudhary and Deepti Suri, for their humanitarian work to make the world a better place to live in by their dedicated service.

Other FIA members who attended and supported the event were, FIA General Secretary Richa Chand, Cultural Secretary Pika Munshi, Directors: Bharat Malhotra, Vibha Rajput, Ramesh Nair, Pratik Deshpande, Julie Thakkar and Advisory Board Members: Keerthi Reevori, Ajeet Singh, Suresh Bodiwala, Nag Jaisawal.

FIA President, Hitesh Gandhi, congratulated Anu Malhotra for her dedication towards Yoga and lauded FIA’s continued commitment to bring meaningful events to the community, and promoting awareness about health and wellbeing.

Dr Vemuri and Dr Reddy, both emphasized the positive impact of Yoga on not just physical health but also the mental health of an individual.



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