Federation of Indian Associations (1980) Chicago elects new executives

FIA Chicago 1980 members at a March 31, 2024 General Body meeting, where new executives were elected. PHOTO: FIA Chicago 1980

The Federation of Indian Associations Chicago 1980, held its General Body meeting March 31, 2024. Representatives of some 40 Chicago-area organizations attended the meeting where President Dr. Rashmi Patel updated the  90 delegates, including trustees, on the achievements of the organization.

Dr. Patel provided an overview of the achievements and milestones of FIA in 2023, highlighting at least 9 programs held over the past year including Independence Day parade, flag hosting ceremonies, and Gala Banquet, “Meet and Greet” with the new Consul General of India, a Yoga Picnic, and an Overseas Citizenship of India camp, and India’s Republic Day.
Directors and Delegates of various associations affiliated with FIA Chicago were acknowledged for their contributions and participation. The President then presented the financial report for the year 2023, a press release from FIA Chicago 1980 said.

Active Trustees for the year 2024 were also announced, ensuring continuity and effective governance within the organization. Attendees also had the opportunity to propose suggestions and initiatives from the floor, fostering open dialogue and community engagement. As a result, amendments to the Articles of the Association or bylaws were discussed, and any necessary revisions were adopted through a recitation and voting process.

Additionally, the FIA General Election was conducted by the election committee, chaired by Dr. Amrit Patel, along with Dr. Bharat Barai and Babu Patel.

Nitin Patel was elected the new president. His panel emerged victorious after the withdrawal of nominations by the other candidates prior to voting.

An entrepreneur with 35 years of experience, Nitin Patel has an impressive network that goes beyond just the US. He was on the executive committee of FIA Chicago last year.

In his acceptance speech, President Nitin Patel expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him by the FIA community. He emphasized the importance of unity, collaboration, and inclusivity in advancing the organization’s goals. Under his leadership, FIA Chicago aims to enhance cultural events, support charitable initiatives, and engage with local and international communities, he noted.

“As I look towards my upcoming term, I have several goals I want to accomplish. Firstly, I want to increase the size of FIA Chicago,” he said, adding that expanding the organizationwould strengthen its ability to effect positive change.

“Secondly, I want to focus on addressing the most pressing needs of our community. For our organization to have any purpose, we must be of service,” he said urging those with any issues to reach out to FIA.

“Lastly, I would like to promote more Indian events in order to highlight the various cultures, religions and regions represented by our diaspora. These events are important for the next generation of Indian Americans and, also give us the opportunity to contribute to the melting pot that is the United States,” Nitin Patel added.

He thanked outgoing president, Dr. Rashmi Patel, and his team for their “outstanding” work and expressed the hope of  expanding FIA’s programs and services, such as routine health clinics, open an FIA office for regular communication, and provide assistance with immigration, Medicare, and public aid insurance. “Many more initiatives are in the pipeline,” he said.

April 21 was scheduled as the date for installing the new Executive team in the Holiday Inn located in Elk Grove Village.

For more information about the event, contact Dr. Rashami Patel -773 592 9510, Nitin Patel -847 571 5368 or email at fiachicago2023@gmail.com.



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