Duryodhan-fame Puneet Issar now plays Raavan on stage

Puneet Issar plays Raavan with son Siddhant Isaar as Lord Ram in Jai Shri Ram Ramayan, a play written and directed by the father-son duo. Photo: Nikita Kamdar

Puneet Issar’s theatre play, Jai Shri Ram Ramayan, will premiere November 20 in Mumbai. The mythological features Puneet Issar, his son Siddhant Issar, Vindoo Dara Singh, Yashodhan Rana and Samiksha Bhatnagar.

Jai Shri Ram Ramayan is also co-written and co-directed by the father and son duo Puneet and Siddhant Issar. The entire play is depicted from Lord Ram’s perspective in three hours with 12 original songs, live action and dance. The father-son duo of Puneet Issar and Siddhant Issar are playing the role of Raavan and Ram respectively. Special effects and rich sets are claimed to be the hallmark of the play.

Puneet stated, “I had played Raavan and Duryodhan in the past. My journey has showcased all different paths and their spiritual journey. This play is written and directed by both of us. It will be a different experience where we will act in front of each other. Doing Raavan’s role is always special for me and I am trying to take that head-on. The play aims to highlight the importance of ‘Ram Rajya’ in today’s society. We have showcased the values and principles of Shri Ram and presented him as what an ideal man should be.”

Siddhant added, “The play presents the facts and truths of the Ramayana in the truest and purest form. Through the play, we also want to enlighten the youth about their culture, tradition, faith, religion, values and beliefs.”

Siddhant Issar as Lord Ram in Jai Shri Ram Ramayan. Photo: Nikita Kamdar

Actor Vindoo Dara Singh, who plays the all-important role of Lord Hanuman, adds, “Hanuman-ji has blessed my family. We are pehelwaans (wrestlers) and worship Bajrang Bali. My father, the great Dara Singh, played Hanuman and immortalized the role. I have myself played Hanuman for over 40 years now, and over 50 times across television, regional films and now this magnum opus play has come. I am very happy with the interpretation Puneet and Siddhant have given the character. It will be like a power-packed Hanuman never seen before. At the same time, the quintessential imagery has been given full respect.”

Puneet Issar is best known for his role of Duryodhan in B.R. Chopra’s TV epic Mahabharat and initially came in to be a hero. He is the son of late director Sudesh Issar, whose work includes Vinod Khanna’s home production, The Cheat in 1974, and Shatrughan Sinha’s home production, Prem Geet (1981).

Siddhant Issar has directed another version of Mahabharat on stage and also played Duryodhan in it, besides being a well-known stage personality as writer and actor.





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