Community activist Ramesh Dalchand Kalicharran passes away

Ramesh Dalchand Kalicharran (Courtesy: Indian Diaspora Council International)

NEW YORK – Community advocate, businessman and philanthropist Ramesh Dalchand Kalicharran passed away on Sunday, December 3, in New York. He is survived by his wife Judy, his children Jagdesh, Nadesh and Romanee, his grandchildren, his siblings, extended family, friends and associates.

The Indian Diaspora Council International (IDC) joined in solidarity with organizations, institutions, agencies, and individuals in the U.S., Guyana and other countries in Kalicharran’s mourning, said a press release.

“Ramesh Kalicharran was an outstanding community stalwart. He was a prominent and well recognized cornerstone of the community, having pioneered several programs and events which promoted the interests of Indo-Caribbean people in New York and the Caribbean. He is widely recognized for his advocacy, philanthropy and exemplary contributions to charitable and community causes. Ramesh D. Kalicharran was an active member of IDC and recognized for his exemplary contributions to his community and the promotion of Indian culture and heritage. He was an icon among Indo-Caribbean people with a long lasting legacy of selfless service. He will be greatly missed,” IDC said in a statement.

Kalicharran was born on April 7, 1949 in Guyana and was the eldest of eleven children born to Ramdayal and Mangani Kalicharran, the second generation of Indians living in Guyana who trace their roots to the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

Though he was Indian, Kalicharran saw himself beyond such limits as he continuously and relentlessly promoted the welfare of his Indo-Caribbean community, as well as others.

“Kalicharran excelled in every field of endeavour and became an outstanding role model for our youth, excelling academically as well as in his extra-curricular activities,” the release noted.

He immigrated to the United States in 1970 where he married Judy in 1974. They have three children and two grandchildren.

Kalicharran entered the real estate business, started a driving school and then launched an innovative concept called the Kali Bharat Yatra Tours (KBY) for Indians to discover and re-connection with their roots in India.

Popularly known as Kali, Kalicharran has received recognition for his contribution in Guyana, where he was an ambassador, as well as in New York, including several citations, the Asian-Indian Award and the Indo-Caribbean Award.

A citation to Kalicharran from the Queens Borough President best showcases his achievements.

“As an outstanding business and civic leader of the Guyanese community in Queens, you have generously given time, talent, and resources toward the betterment of your community and the preservation of its cultural heritage. I, President Shulman, wish to express my sincere gratitude for your valuable contribution to the cultural richness and vitality of our borough,” he said.



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