Christian matrimonial organization conducts 9th meet-and-greet

Eliezer Ministry of Matrimony Chicago held its 9th meet-and-greet via Zoom June 18, 2022. Photo: EMM Chicago

The Eliezer Matrimony Ministry Chicago USA, established in  2015, conducted its 9th meet-and-greet event from Chicago June 18, 2022.

Held via zoom, the meeting was organized by Prabhudas E.  Bhooshi, coordinator and it was led by Dr Sai Ankem, a press release from the organization said in a June 30 press release.

Altogether 29 Telugu Christian’s joined ith event, organizers said. Participants introduced themselves and interacted with each other during the event.

Those on the call hailed from various cities and countries – New York, California, Michigan, Florida, Minnesota, Texas, Seattle, India and Chicago, A majority of them were professionals in the fields of comprised science, medicine, hospitality industry, as well as evangelists.

Rev. John Spurgeon, Pastor from Nashville, Tennessee, opened the session with a prayer and shared the foundational principles of marriage from the Bible’s Book of Genesis 2nd chapter verses 18 through 25.

“God made us different that He might make us one through compassion for each other, cooperation between each other, completion in each other, commitment between each other and children through each other,” the passage reads in essence.

Organizers hope to hold the next EMM 10th meet-and-greet zoom event June 17, 2023 Central Standard Time, the press release said. For details



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