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Deepak Chopra
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If you are one of those hovering between science and spiritualism, Dr. Deepak Chopra would appeal to your sensibilities. In fact, you would be convinced of his thought.

Chopra has written more than 90 books, most of which have been on the best seller list. In ‘Metahuman’, Chopra emphasizes awareness and consciousness, and self-improvement once again. In ‘Perfect Health’ Chopra writes about human beings reaching a point in their consciousness which is free from disease, pain, aging or death. ‘Total Meditation’ offers a glimpse into the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional benefits of meditation. ‘You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters’ is once again centered on Chopra’s theme of consciousness and creating a balance between spirituality and science. It also explores the origin of the universe, time, space, and matter.

America’s affair with the Indian thought is still in its childhood. That, in spite of countless poets, philosophers and writers including Ralph Waldo Emerson, T.S. Eliot, English poet W.B. Yeats, German writer Herman Hesse, the Beatles, and more having been deeply attracted to and influenced by the Indian philosophy.

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But, if one has delved into the Bhagwad Gita, also called the Gita, Chopra would not sound so confusing. In Chopra’s arguments, one would find the Gita’s approaches to life and consciousness. It would be advisable to read one of his books, or to listen to one of his talks, or take one of his courses to better understand Chopra’s idea of the Mind-Body connection.

A practicing endocrinologist and then an advocate for transcendental meditation and self-help, Chopra later founded his health foundation to focus on spiritual, physical and mental health. The website offers links to initiatives and scientific research projects examining the effects of mind-body practices on health and wellbeing. Chopra’s website ( offers information about his new books, links to Chopra Foundation ( and Chopra Global ( and to podcasts and events.

Certificate Courses: Chopra global offers certificate programs and master classes including the 21-Day Meditations. Chopra’s website also offers links to Chopra Education’s Certificate courses including Yoga Teacher Certificate, Meditation Teacher Certificate, Life Coach Certificate, Total Well-being Coach Certificate, and Ayurvedic Health Certificate.

Health Retreats: Information about the upcoming retreats is available on the website. One of the regular bi-weekly retreats, The Chopra Health Retreat, at Carefree, Arizona, combines Ayurvedic healing techniques to achieve a balance of mind, body and spirit through yoga, meditation, daily spa treatments, workshops and detoxification. Another upcoming retreat in September of 2023, ‘Silent Awakenings’ at Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and Spa, Austin Hill Country, Texas, is a one week of meditation and looking within to find peace and joy.

Chopra App: Link to Chopra App is also available on the website. The free App offers Chopra meditations, well-being tools, tips and practices.  One of the latest products on Chopra App, which is free, is a five part audio collection ‘Meditations for Joy’. The web announcement of this new collection quotes Chopra, “Joy is the only measure of success and well-being.” It also lists five tips for cultivating more joy in one’s life. These are: (1) Be grateful (2) Practice Self-Compassion (3) Stay true to you (4) Help others (5) Meditate.

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In-Person Wellness Retreats : The in-person wellness retreats, back after the pandemic, offer talks by Chopra, meditation, yoga and wellness routines to create a body-mind-spirit experience. After the relaxing of the lockdowns during the pandemic, Chopra has offered much needed in-person retreats including ‘Well Within’ at Ranchos Palos Verde in California, ‘7 Spiritual Laws’ at Riviera Maya in Mexico, ‘Meditation Immersion’ at Maui in Hawaii, and ‘Infinite Possibilities’ at Mont-Tremblnt in Canada. Each of these retreats was designed to create a basis of knowledge and know-how to create health and well-being through yoga, meditation, and personal sessions with experts.

Chopra Education and Activities: Chopra Educational Products and activities will be now  available through New York based The Healing Company (HLCO) and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). The HLCO will manage Chopra’s physical products including the Chopra Meditation and Well-being App, the Chopra Health Retreat at CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa, and the Chopra Mind-Body Zone at the Lake Nona Performance Club.

The IIN will operate Chopra’s Education business, including the Meditation and Health Teacher Training Program and the Coaching Certification Program. While Chopra has a global network of 5,000 certified teachers and coaches, IIN has over 160,000 graduates. IIN Chopra recently held a webinar exploring certificate courses, IIN’s The Health Coach Training Program and The Chopra Life Coaching Program.

Online Learning : Chopra’s knowledge and training will also be available through new education courses in leadership, consciousness and medicine which he designed and will teach on the online learning platform edX with which his ChopraX which he has cofounded has partnered recently.  The courses are expected to be available in early 2024.



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