California Legislature Celebrates Republic Day



India’s Republic Day was celebrated by the by the California State Legislature Jan. 26, thanks to the initiative of the Democratic lawmaker from Artesia.

Senator Mendoza presented Senate Concurrent Resolution 5 which observes January 26, 2017 as India Republic Day and also marks the 68th Anniversary of the day the adoption of the Constitution of India.

“We are flying the flag of India at the podium this afternoon in honor of our distinguished guests at the back of chambers. I am honored to take part in the celebration and recognition of India Republic Day,” Senator Mendoza was quoted as saying by California newswire.


Mendoza noted that this year he was joined by two co-authors in the Assembly, members Ash Kalra and Jim Cooper, both of whom represent districts that are home to many Indian- Americans and have agreed to join him in presenting the resolution.

“India and California share not only a love of democracy, but a vibrant cultural exchange. One example of this will occur later this year, when California hosts the Indian Academy Awards which will be held in Oakland in July,” Sen. Mendoza said.

He also thanked the Indian Consul General and the Indian-American community of California for sharing “the joy of this wonderful day with us.”

Guests visiting the senate chambers for the event included Consul General of India in San Francisco, Venkatesan Ashok, Cupertino Mayor Savita Vaidhyanathan, Artesia Mayor Ali Taj, Federation of Indo-American Associations of Southern California President Aparna Hande and National Federation of Indian American Associations President Sudip Gorakshakar, among others.

“We are privileged to honor its significance, and the Indian peoples’ dedication all over the world to core community values of family, service, knowledge and peace,” Sen. Mendoza said.