Long-haul truck driver sentenced to over 15 years for sexual assaults

Anmol Prasad, 35, of Lathrop, California was sentenced Nov. 5, 2020, to 15 years and four months for a series of forced sexual assaults. Photo: Fremont Police Department Twitter

Anmol Prasad, 35, resident of Lathrop, CA and a long-haul truck driver was sentenced on Nov. 5, 2020 to fifteen years and four months state prison for being involved in a series of forced sexual assaults which occurred between 2015-2016, according to Fremont Police Department.

On July 7, 2020 Prasad plead guilty to two counts of assault with intent to commit mayhem, rape, sodomy or oral copulation and one count of forced sexual assault, according to a press release from Fremont PD.

Investigators believe there may be additional victims of similar crimes committed by Prasad who have not been contacted or who may be too afraid to come forward.

The investigation involved detectives from police departments from Fremont, Oakland, Richmond, Alameda County, Portland, and Renton.

According to the press release, Prasad appears to have solicited sex from sex workers, following which he would threaten them and injure them with a knife or other instrument, including a gun in one case. Police found evidence in his truck and from video footage that attested to his movements.

Prasad was tracked down and arrested on May 5, 2016 as he left his residence. He has been in custody since then.





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