California couple contributes for public school in Gujarat through Project ‘Life’ and Life Global USA

The primary School in Morbi Block, Gujarat before and after, depicted picctorially. On Sept. 30, the foundation stone aying ceremony for this Sarva Mangal Family Trust Primary School was laid. PHOTO: Courtesy Project ‘Life’

Since its inception in 2001, Project ‘Life’ has been steadfast in its commitment to advancing education for rural children in Gujarat.

September 30, 2023, marked yet another milestone in this commitment with the foundation stone laying ceremony for the Sarva Mangal Family Trust Primary School in Morbi Block, Gujarat.

Rika, right, and Manu Shah, the Clifornia couple who contributed to the building of the 112th primary school in Gujarat. PHOTO: Courtesy Project ‘Life’

Rika and Manu Shah of California recently contributed toward the building of the 112th primary school in Gujarat which is part of a Project ‘Life’ initiative and its partner charity Life Global USA. The school promises state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, and separate sanitation amenities for both genders.

The Shahs are the founders of MS International (MSI), in Orange, California. They are also Chief Patrons of Life Global California.

“Their unwavering support to develop school’s infrastructure emphasizes their dedication to securing a prosperous future for the rural youth,” a press release from Project ‘Life’ said.

Collage showing the laying of the foundation stone in Gujarat for the new primary school. PHOTO: Courtesy Project ‘Life’

Bhavik Muni, Social Impact Director, MS International (MSI), California and team MSI India laid the foundation stone of Sarva Mangal Family Trust Primary School.

This primary school is the second among five schools that the US-based charity, Sarva Mangal Family Trust (SMFT), pledges to set up in the nearby rural areas of Morbi block. This is “a testament to the Shah family’s desire to give back to their ancestral land and land of their business activities, Morbi,” noted the press release.

Collage of the foundation stone being laid for primary school in Gujarat, as those involved from USA look on through Zoom call. PHOTO: Courtesy Project ‘Life’

The commitment goes beyond mere infrastructure, Project ‘Life’ said, with a mission to design and implement holistic development and tech-enhanced learning of the students through SMART CLASSES and digital learning through educational tablets, to create level playing field for rural children, accomplishing the vision of digitalization by Rika & Manu Shah. Thousands of the students of rural Gujarat will be benefitted through this digital advantage in next 5 decades, the press release said.

The digital foundation ceremony saw an impressive guest list. Representing the philanthropic Shah family, Mr. Bhavik Muni, the Social Impact Director of MSI, took the lead. Several dignitaries, including Shashikant Koticha of Project ‘Life’ and Jivan Bhatt, Chairman & team from MSI Bengaluru, graced the occasion virtually.

At the event, Bhavik Muni and Jivan Bhatt emphasized the importance of education and role of the philanthropy for education as a path to economic and social development.

Speakers encouraged the students to give back to society what they had the opportunity to learn in the village.

“Education is the cornerstone of growth,” said Meetal Koticha Shah, Joint Executive Trustee & CEO of Project ‘Life’ India, who emphasized the role of global philanthropy in nurturing the future generation.

Rushikesh Pandya, COO of Project ‘Life’ India, expressed his gratitude to Life Global, USA, and outlined the vision to digitally equip all 121 schools developed by Project ‘Life’ in rural Gujarat in the years to come.



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