California- based Hindi teacher develops online learning service

Reena Bhansali of Los Angeles poses with some of her Hindi teaching materials. She is about to launch her Hindi learning video subscription service, Hindi by Reena on March 30, 2021.
Photo Courtesy – Reena Bhansali

Los Angeles based Reena Bhansali has developed a Hindi learning video subscription service, Hindi by Reena that teaches kids through online classes and immersion videos. It is launching on March 30, 2021.

The subscription service offers free membership as well as monthly and yearly membership.

Bhansali who grew up both in the U.S. and India told News India Times she saw how her nieces and nephews from the U.S., who did not know how to speak Hindi, struggled to communicate with their grandparents in India.

“I realized this is the case with so many kids of immigrant families in this country. Language connects people and this gap prevents them from doing so. Hindi by Reena’s ideation actually took place ten years ago when I started tutoring kids in Hindi,” said Bhansali.

So, after almost a decade of research, Bhansali has created an original Hindi syllabus perfect for families living outside of South Asia, she says. She also has countless students she taught Hindi who can now converse fluently with their grandparents.

“I want the kids to have fun while learning the language, so the videos are short, fun and engaging, made for this generation’s children. I do all the grunt work in the videos so the child can sit back and learn Hindi in no time,” said Bhansali.

The program currently has more than 60 video-based classes that teach conversational Hindi, and more than 15 immersion videos that expose the children to the language through songs, dance and fun activities.

It also offers Hindi learning books and workbooks that Bhansali has authored.



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